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First Class Transactional Email

Your most important email deserves first class treatment. Using our REST API and Send API, deliver timely notifications such as shipping confirmations, password resets and invoices.

What is a transactional email?

Transactional email is triggered and sent when a defined event occurs. From shipping confirmations to password resets, these automated emails are used to deliver timely notifications. Transactional emails typically drive higher open rates because customers expect to see this information in their inbox.

Speedy, reliable deliverability

We understand that a good transactional email is one that lands in the inbox at jet speed. Our email deliverability pilots monitor your sender reputation, stay on top of latest best practices and work closely with email clients to make sure your email reaches its destination.

Transparent Tracking with Parse API

Parse API includes a variety of transparent tracking properties to help you measure email performance.

Workflow Automation

Have a workflow or specific user experience you’d like to automate to the inbox? Our Send API is easy to integrate and flexible to your needs. Automate a range of email campaigns, from onboarding emails - sending customers customized tips after each step of building out their profile, to support ticket emails where customers can easily track the flow of their ticket and review quality of support.

Full documentation: Increase engagement with less work. Automate campaigns such as welcome emails, geo-targeted promotions or support documentation for new users. Learn more about how to set up our Send API by using our step-by-step documentation. Check our Send API documentation

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