Easily invite members of your team

Invite an unlimited number of people with just a few clicks! You will then be able to define each person’s role, such as marketer, developer, or designer, in order to best coordinate your tasks for successful collaboration.

Collaborate on Emails and Comment
in real time

You no longer have to wait for your colleagues to finish editing an email before you can check it or change parts of it. The section they are modifying will be blocked while they edit it, and you’ll be able to see any changes they make to it right away. Thanks to comments, you are also able to easily communicate with your team directly within the email editor. Collaborate with other users in real time for a more agile email design process.

Secure working conditions

The Real-Time Collaboration feature is only available with Mailjet’s Premium and Enterprise plans. However, we offer basic security to all our clients. If you wish to edit a campaign or template, you will be notified if someone is already working on it. You can then decide not to edit that email, or to take over from your colleague.

Passport, Mailjet’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor

Our complete and intuitive email editor helps you create marketing, transactional or automated emails. Whether you are a marketer or developer, with Passport you can design your emails using drag-and-drop tools or access real time previews of HTML emails rendered for any device. Be sure to test your campaigns to check the rendering of your message before sending. Your emails will be perfectly responsive and optimised for all mailboxes and all screens!

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