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Emails aren't only meant for one-way conversations. Sometimes, you'd like to receive answers from your interlocutors and extract valuable information for your business. But parsing incoming emails isn't a child's play, as it requires to dive into SMTP protocol and email clients fragmentation. Mailjet’s Inbound Processing easies the pain by parsing all your incoming data, and way more!

Effortless Email Processing

Email has no real standard, and creating an efficient parser in-house is complicated and time-consuming. Let us do the heavy lifting and provide you with processed data in a JSON data structure, while you focus on what matters most: your core business.

Leverage The Power Of An HTTP API

Once the incoming email traffic is parsed, Inbound Processing routes it to your custom HTTP webhooks. No need to be an SMTP expert, just provide us with the URL of your choice and we'll deliver data on the fly.

No More Spam With Spam Assassin

Is there anything more annoying than being invaded by spam? Inbound Processing uses Spam Assassin to detect and flag unsolicited messages, so you don’t have to filter through what’s really relevant.

Ready-To-Use Attachments Delivered Directly To You

Parsing an email is one thing. Being able to extract attachments is quite another. File extensions, length of data, various encoding systems... This is a complicated process, and it's easy to get it wrong. Inbound Processing does the hard work for you. Your email contains attachments? We deliver them to you in a ready-to-use base64 encoded format.

Full Integration With Third Party Services

Don't reinvent the wheel. Inbound Processing can be directly integrated into awesome third party services such as Zapier, SalesForce or Google Spreadsheets. You've got no more excuses: start leveraging your incoming messages and do great stuff with all the data!

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