Set up your webhooks

After signing up for Mailgun, you can create your email domain and add Mailgun’s MX records. Then, you can define a list of routes for the incoming mailbox to a callback URL using Mailgun API’s Routing feature. This is where your script will process the parsed email. You can find a step-by-step visual in our documentation here.

Looking for Mailjet’s Parse API documentation? Find it here.

Email Routing

Get your incoming emails in a structured way

Mailgun’s Routing feature makes processing inbound messages much easier, as we'll do the work of parsing and organizing the information in headers, content, and attachments. This way, you can easily sort your emails without having to spend time manually reviewing and categorizing them.

Email Spam Filtering

Filter spam messages

You can use inbound message sorting characteristics to filter spam messages and catch them that much more easily. See which messages may have suspect domains, and match header details with legitimate senders to know if the sender is real or fake.

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