Event API: never miss important updates on your emails

Event API: Never Miss Important
Updates On Your Emails

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Do you want to optimize and improve the deliverability of your emails? Track transactional and marketing email events in real time with Mailjet's Event API and take back full control over your email lifecycle. No need to pull the data yourself anymore, the data will come to you.

Add Your Own Webhooks And Receive Event Data On The Fly

Your servers, your logic. Define the webhooks that will be called by Mailjet's Event API every time an event occurs on an email you have sent (open, click, etc.). You can set up a specific webhook endpoint for each event type you want to monitor.

A User-Friendly UI To Set Up Your Webhooks

Webhooks can be set up via a single API call, or easily accessed through our user-friendly UI. You can also test your webhook in-app and check its response status in seconds.

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Go Further with Mailjet's Real-Time Monitoring

In addition to the Event API tracking system, you can leverage the power of Mailjet's Real-Time Monitoring to create specific alerts based on your email events. Be notified by email or Slack every time one of your alerts is triggered.

Discover Mailjet's Real-Time Monitoring

Test Event API Right Now

Can’t wait to test it? Find out all you can do with Mailjet’s Event API on our live dashboard. You will be able to configure your webhooks, send messages and view the event payload directly on the dashboard. hAPI testing!

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