Webhook notifications: never miss important updates on your emails

Hook your system to Mailjet

To set this up, define the endpoints URL where we should deliver the event details. Endpoints can be configured via a single API call for each event type. You can also activate and update your endpoints just in a few clicks through our user-friendly interface.

Mailjet offers the possibility to push your events directly into external queuing systems for more flexibility. Mailjet is compatible with Amazon SQS, Azure Service Bus, and Google Pub/Sub. You can contact our Support team if you wish to set up this service.

Receive events in real-time

Activating Mailjet’s webhook notifications allow you to receive email events, like opens, clicks and unsubscribes, right when they occur. In case of any delivery issues, you will receive bounce or block events with JSON payload containing all the information you need about the event.

Set different webhooks for each event

Set up endpoint URLs for each event type and use them as needed. You can ensure your contact lists are cleaned by removing contacts who have marked emails as spam or unsubscribed from your list, or you can activate a personalized workflow once an email is opened.

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