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Trust the industry leader in emailing and integrate with a robust solution optimized for delivery and designed for developers. Mailjet’s flexible Email API is quick and simple to set up, with rapid delivery speed, and scalable to power all your email needs.


Integrate and Send via SMTP or API in Minutes

Set up our SMTP Relay and start sending your email by simply copying code into a config file. You can also customize your integration with our Send API, equipped with ready-to-go wrappers and code samples in the most popular programming languages and frameworks: PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, C#, Java and Go. Learn how with our step-by-step documentation.


Lightning Fast Delivery To the Inbox

Your customers expect their account activation, password reset, order confirmation and other important transactional emails in their inboxes almost immediately. We also know how important transactional emails are for your marketing campaigns to send news on sales and key promotional messages to be delivered without delay.

Tens and thousands of businesses rely on Mailjet’s elastic infrastructure everyday to process and send up to 10M emails/hour, even during peak sending period. This is made possible because our core architecture is based on low-level optimized code and multi-level cache strategy to achieve rapid processing.


Real-time Data The Way You Want

Track delivery, bounces, open and click-through statistics for every email you send by ISP, devices and location. Our big-data ecosystem components such as Kafka, Spark and Cassandra enable you to easily retrieve real-time account statistics and engagement data. You have the option of pushing events to specific webhook endpoints that you can define through the Event API.
For advanced use-cases, you can even push events to the main cloud-based queuing systems such as Amazon SQS, Google Pub/Sub and Azure Service Queue to manage your own events for more flexibility. To proactively manage any delivery issues with your business critical emails, use our Real-time Monitoring feature to quickly identify unusual sending patterns and address them right away.


Distributed Servers Optimized for Redundancy

With 99.9% availability, our 700+ virtual machines and 3000+ CPU cores comprised of thousands of Google Cloud instances allow us to process hundreds of millions of emails every day. Based on your specific needs, we distribute resources across three data centers in Europe (Frankfurt, Saint-Ghislain, London) and one in the US (Council Bluffs, Iowa) with complete redundancy and load balancing across 15 zones to prevent data loss and latency issues.


Auto-scaling Technology for Optimal Performance

No matter your sending volume, our proprietary auto-scaling algorithm monitors all applications and adapts server capacity to meet your demand in real-time at the most competitive cost. With our orchestration system based on the Google Cloud platform, our instances can be multiplied or reduced as soon as they are needed.

We also use several components from the Hashicorp suite to pinpoint user-facing components and processing applications that require horizontal scaling or attention so you never have to worry about the availability of our servers.


Keeping Your Data Safe and Secure

Security by design is the building foundation of Mailjet’s infrastructure. We are both ISO 27001 and AFNOR Afaq “personal data” certified to comply with GDPR principles. In addition, personal data for European residents are processed and stored in accordance with the EU Direct 95/46/CE.

You can take comfort knowing that security is integrated in all of our development and deployment processes. You can also access logs. The latest encryption algorithms in transit and at rest are used by default on all servers. We regularly conduct internal tests and external audits, including bug-bounty program with HackerOne, to stress-test the vulnerability of our platform.