Free Email API Service for Developers - Quick and Easy to Integrate

Mailjet’s Email REST API is quick and easy to set up. Integrate it with your current configuration with just a few lines of code and start sending your emails immediately.

Integrate Mailjet’s API

Integrate Mailjet’s API In Minutes

Integrate Mailjet in less than 5 minutes and start sending emails via SMTP relay or Send API. Use our ready-to-go libraries in your preferred language: PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, C#, Java and Go, etc.

Get all the information you need from our comprehensive documentation, including how-to guides.

Reach the inbox

Reach The Inbox

While sending emails fast is a necessity, just as important is ensuring they land in the inbox. Gain access to our deliverability support team to help you optimize your deliverability, set up dedicated IPs, and improve your sender reputation.


Gather Insights On Your Email Performance

Use our APIs to retrieve your campaign’s statistics including opens, clicks, bounces, and more. Using our PUSH mode, we can also send your real-time events to your own webhooks, or on external queueing services such as Google Cloud, Amazon, and Microsoft Azure.


Personalize Your Emails

Customize your emails to send the right content to each of your recipients. Dynamic content that allows you to send a fully personalized message, is easy with our templating language. Use variables, loops and conditions to personalize your templates.

Trust Our Reliable Infrastructure

Mailjet's infrastructure is based on a series of reliable cloud technologies, and uses Big Data components such as Cassandra, Kafka and Spark. To create an even faster experience, we have also developed our own auto-scaling functionality to ensure the delivery of your emails.

Mailjet guarantees an availability of 99.9% thanks to the reliability of our infrastructure and tools.

Real-Time Alerts

Be Alerted Of Any Delivery Issues

Be the first to notice any issues by setting up alerts on your transactional emails You will be immediately notified any time something unusual happens, such as email volume drops or other kind of delivery issues. Receive notifications by email, Slack and/or SMS.

Parse API

Manage Your Inbound Traffic

Process incoming emails using our Parse API to seamlessly sync data from within emails into your other tools or systems. We deliver your emails in a structured JSON format to your Webhook.

API Support

Count On Our Dedicated API Support

Our API specialists will understand your technical needs quickly, and help you identify the source of any problems you may encounter. They will support you to maintain a stable system for your long-term success.

Mailjet Collaboration

Save Time With Team Collaboration

Our easy to use drag and drop editor Passport allows designers and developers to collaborate in real-time. No need to code your emails from scratch in HTML, designers can create responsive templates on their own and you only need to incorporate dynamic content using variables, loops and conditions).