Mailjet Contributor Guidelines

Come and help us build a new path

At Mailjet, we geek about email, marketing, and the tech world. We believe in the power of connection and our vision is to educate marketers and developers on best practices and the latest trends to help them reach their target audience. We’re always learning and appreciate contributed content from industry friends, like you, to bring a fresh perspective to our readers.

We welcome unsolicited submissions. Below are a few things to keep in mind when submitting content to the Mailjet blog.

Please fill in this form to submit your pitch.


Those who frequent our blog include marketers, developers, and entrepreneurs looking for insights on how to build long-term relationships with their customers. Mailjet users send both marketing and transactional email. They are located internationally and are enterprises of all sizes and industries, including ecommerce, SaaS, education, and media.

Suggested topics

Some topics we love writing about include marketing trends, email best practices, deliverability insights, and tech news.

Our goal is to create posts that are actionable and also explain the “why”. For example, removing inactive customers from your contact list can increase deliverability. This point is further strengthened when we explain that we do this because ‘quality is more important than quantity’ when it comes to sender reputation.

Some other topics we love discussing:

  • Email campaign testing

  • Email and social media

  • Email design

  • “Campaign studies” (email campaigns you have executed well in the past: including screenshots, stats and explanation of why it performed well)

  • Email API use cases and projects (i.e. Email Controlled Christmas Tree)

Of course, these are only a few possible ideas, feel free to run other topics by us as well. If it hasn’t been covered yet – even better. The sky’s the limit!


  • Fill out this form to submit your pitch and wait for our feedback before you start writing.

  • Our suggested word count is something between 800-1200 words.

  • Should be informative, concise, and well-researched original content.

  • Please try to avoid being overly promotional (we’ll include a company bio in the byline!) and only add 1-2 links to your own site.

  • Include 2-3 outbound links and try to include inbound links to other Mailjet blog posts, if relevant (we do not accept links to competitors).

  • Be sure to give credit to any quotes or statistics used by linking to the original source.

  • Use at least one high-res photo that provides value and illustrates the topic you’re discussing.

A few other things

Please don’t start writing your post before it has been approved by our Content team! Before we approve it, we might ask for an outline or extra details. Once your post is approved, we’ll ask you to submit your blog post in Google Docs and work with you to get it ready for publication.

Along with your Google Doc, we’ll also need from you:

  • A high-res headshot (240 x 240)

  • Insight into how you will be promoting the content

  • A short bio (3-5 sentences) including your full name, title, and company name. This is where you can tell us a little about yourself, your company, and include any relevant Twitter handles and website links.

After publication

  • We’ll email you when your post is published and will be sharing it on our social media channels – any help spreading the word is much appreciated!

  • Please keep us posted on any promotion you do on your side. Share any links with us and we can help upvote and show off your work ;).

  • Lastly, the best part about contributing is seeing all of the great feedback from readers. Feel free to keep an eye out for comments and follow-up questions readers may have on Twitter and other social media platforms.