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Mailjet brings Azure users optimized deliverability for both transactional and marketing emails. With an international Deliverability Team, you hit the inbox no matter the time zone, no matter the country.

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With offices all around the world, our multilingual Support Team is here to answer your questions in English, Spanish, French or German - any day of the week, at any time.

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comprehensive email api

One Account. One API. Deliver, parse inbound traffic, track real-time email events and easily synchronise your data back into your application in Azure. Need help? We have a dedicated API Support Team.

incredible insight

Analyze and measure how your clients engage with your emails in real-time. Access your dashboard KPIs via API or UI directly from Azure and get instant insight on your email campaigns’ performance.

scalable infrastructure

Whether you need to send thousands or millions of emails per day or hour or need 1 or 100 dedicated IPs, we’ve got your back. Mailjet scales in real-time. We grow with your business and help you take flight.

cost effective

Focus on what you do best: developing your application. Leave the complexity and cost of setting up your email servers and infrastructure to us. Mailjet’s services are billed directly in your Azure account.

api integration

Leveraging the power of Mailjet's API is easy and fast. Mailjet was built entirely using our own API. It's fast, intuitive, RESTful and can be used with any language that supports http(s) requests. Check how simple it is to send an email with only one simple API call.

# Add your sender and validate it with the email received
https://api.mailjet.com/v3/REST/sender \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"Name":"example", "Email": "ms.mailjet@example.com"}'
# Once validated, send your email from that address!
https://api.mailjet.com/v3/send/message \
-F from='Miss Mailjet <ms.mailjet@example.com>' \
-F to=mr.mailjet@example.com \
-F subject='Hello World!' \
-F text='Greetings from Mailjet.'
use \Mailjet\Resources;
$mj = new \Mailjet\Client(getenv('MJ_APIKEY_PUBLIC'), getenv('MJ_APIKEY_PRIVATE'));
$body = [
    'FromEmail' => "pilot@mailjet.com",
    'FromName' => "Mailjet Pilot",
    'Subject' => "Your email flight plan!",
    'Text-part' => "Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet! May the delivery force be with you!",
    'Html-part' => "Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet!May the delivery force be with you!",
    'Recipients' => [
            'Email' => "passenger@mailjet.com"
$response = $mj->post(Resources::$Email, ['body' => $body]);
$response->success() && var_dump($response->getData());
 * This calls sends an email to one recipient.
var mailjet = require ('node-mailjet')
    .connect(process.env.MJ_APIKEY_PUBLIC, process.env.MJ_APIKEY_PRIVATE)
var request = mailjet
        "FromName":"Mailjet Pilot",
        "Subject":"Your email flight plan!",
        "Text-part":"Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet! May the delivery force be with you!",
        "Html-part":"Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet!May the delivery force be with you!",
                        "Email": "passenger@mailjet.com"
# This calls sends an email to one recipient.
Mailjet.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = ENV['MJ_APIKEY_PUBLIC']
  config.secret_key = ENV['MJ_APIKEY_PRIVATE']
  config.default_from = 'your default sending address'
variable = Mailjet::Send.create(from_email"pilot@mailjet.com",from_name"Mailjet Pilot",subject"Your email flight plan!",text_part"Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet! May the delivery force be with you!",html_part"Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet!May the delivery force be with you!",recipients[{ 'Email'=> 'passenger@mailjet.com'}])
import requests
# Add your sender and validate it with the email received
payload_sender = {"Name":"example",
r = requests.post('https://api.mailjet.com/v3/REST/sender',
print r.text
 # Once validated, send your email from that address!
payload_send = {"from":"Miss Mailjet <ms.mailjet@example.com>",
           "subject":"Hello World!",
           "text":"Greetings from Mailjet."}
r = requests.post('https://api.mailjet.com/v3/send/message',
/* This calls sends an email to one recipient. */
package main
import (
func main () {
   mailjetClient := NewMailjetClient(os.Getenv("MJ_APIKEY_PUBLIC"),
 email := &MailjetSendMail {
FromEmail: "pilot@mailjet.com"
FromName: "Mailjet Pilot"
Subject: "Your email flight plan!"
TextPart: "Dear Passenger, welcome to Mailjet! May the delivery force be with you!"
HtmlPart: "<h3>Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet!</h3><br/>May the delivery force be with you!"
Recipients: []MailjetRecipient {
 MailjetRecipient {
   Email: "passenger@mailjet.com"
res, err := mailjetClient.SendMail(email)
iferr != nil {
else {
package MyClass;
import com.mailjet.client.errors.MailjetException;
import com.mailjet.client.errors.MailjetClient;
import com.mailjet.client.errors.MailjetRequest;
import com.mailjet.client.errors.MailjetResponse;
import com.mailjet.client.resource.Email;
public class MyClass {
     * This calls sends an email to one recipient.
    public static void main(String[] argsthrows MailjetException {
      MailjetClient client;
      MailjetRequest request;
      MailjetResponse response;
      client = new MailjetClient("api key""api secret");
      request = new MailjetRequest(Email.resource)
                        .property(Email.FROMNAME"Mailjet Pilot")
                        .property(Email.SUBJECT"Your email flight plan!")
                        .property(Email.TEXTPART"Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet! May the delivery force be with you!")
                        .property(Email.HTMLPART"Dear passenger, welcome to Mailjet!May the delivery force be with you!")

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Mailjet is the first EU-Data Compliant Email Service Provider available on Azure, offering top level deliverability and data safety. Over 100,000 businesses such as Product Hunt, TAG Heuer, Radisson Blu, Trivago and the MIT trust us to deliver their transactional and promotional emails in a timely and secure manner.

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