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At Mailjet, we deliver billions of emails to the inbox every month. From building dynamic, personalized and responsive email to real-time monitoring of your important email traffic, our innovative transactional email solution provides a powerful suite of features for developers and marketers alike.

Dedicated deliverability and API experts

Pre-designed transactional email templates

Robust and scalable delivery infrastructure

Fast integration with SMTP relay and Send API

SMTP Relay or Send API

Set up SMTP relay in minutes or seamlessly integrate with Send API for your bulk emails. Our reliable sending platform delivers your transactional messages to the inbox at jet-speed and scales with your volume needs.

SMTP Relay

Templating Language

Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining an in-house system and simply use our powerful templating language to build your transactional messages. Our already familiar language lets you quickly create highly personalized emails. Armed with loops, conditions and segments, you can easily achieve dynamically customizable layout based on your business logic with just a few transactional email designs.

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Real-time Monitoring

Tracking your transactional emails

Transform the way you ensure the delivery of important email traffic with Mailjet’s Real-time Monitoring. Set up notifications to be alerted of any unusual statistics or sending issues right away so you can focus on what matters most: growing your core business.

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Code with MJML

MJML is a markup language designed to remove the complexity of coding beautifully responsive emails. By dramatically simplifying the coding process with responsive-by-design components, you can save hours in developing your email templates.

The MJML Magic

Intuitive Email Editor

Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor helps developers and the marketing team collaborate on beautifully responsive transactional email templates. Choose from our extensive library or create your own design in just a few clicks. Effortlessly update existing designs with our visual editor – no coding necessary!

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Leading Brands Trust Mailjet

"What's great is that this one platform answers the needs of both our marketing and dev teams. Our developers use robust features and APIs for transactional emails."

Alban Denoyel

Co-founder & CEO, Sketchfab

"Ultimately, it matters that emails gets delivered in a reasonable time frame. We can always rely on the Mailjet platform to perform well, especially in providing deliverability and reliability."

Tim Boughton

CTO, Mention Me

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