Why are my emails showing as sent and not as delivered?

Mailjet can process and send tens of thousands of emails very quickly. For an email to be ‘delivered’, it must be accepted by the destination server. However there are several reasons your emails may show as ‘sent’ (and not delivered) and steps that you can take.

If your emails are showing as ‘sent’ for a longer period (tens of minutes), you may want to consider the following:

• From your Stats page, review the “sent” emails for:

• Groups of similar email addresses queued. For example if all emails @XYZ.com are showing as ‘sent’, the recipient server may be currently unreachable. In this case, Mailjet will automatically try to send again at a later point. If the email cannot be delivered, the email status will be changed to ‘bounced’.

Similarly, if an individual email is showing as sent, the recipient’s inbox may be full or unreachable. Just as above, Mailjet will attempt to resend at a later time.

• Possible syntax errors or typos in the email addresses (i.e. tom@@xyz.com)

• Check the Mailjet Status Page for any system updates or announcements. You can also subscribe to have updates emailed to you directly.

• The Free Plan Limitation: If you are on the Free Plan and you have sent more than 200 emails per day. If you wish to remove the 200 email per day limitation, please consider upgrading to a paid plan.

And one last topic: Throttling

Some of these “outside world” recipient servers or ISPs may slow down (‘throttle’) the incoming emails for a number of reasons. Mailjet will always follow these rules to avoid exceeding the recipient’s resources. Otherwise your emails may be delivered to the recipient’s junk folder rather than their inbox. During this throttling period, email messages will have a status of “pending” (sent).

What can you do as the customer? Unfortunately, nothing as throttling is completely controlled by the recipient servers.

If you have any questions or concerns about sent emails, please contact our Support Team.

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