How to set up Mailjet's SMTP with Gmail?

To use Mailjet with Gmail or Google Apps, please visit their online help . Please note, we strongly discourage the use of any addresses when sending your newsletters with Mailjet.

Click on "I'm a Gmail or Google Apps user sending emails from an external address", and then follow the directions.

For emails to pass through Mailjet, simply select the proper "From:" address. Be careful that you place your recipients into the Bcc field and not into the To / Cc fields otherwise everyone will have see your recipient list! Also be sure to limit the number of recipients per message to a maximum of ten.

Google and Gmail impose severe restrictions on mass mailings to fight against spam, and this is why we do not recommend using their services for mass mailings. Their tools are primarily intended for personal correspondence. We understand that using their tools can simplify your daily management but it will impact the deliverability of your emails which is more important.

To help get your emails delivered to the inboxes of your recipients, it is important to use a sender address from your domain name and not a address. For more information, please read our FAQ: Why you should avoid free webmail as a sender address.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

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