How can I temporarily suspend my account or close it completely?

You don’t need our services for a while? No problem, you can hold or stop your subscriptions at any time.

To temporarily suspend or hold your account, simply downgrade to the Free Plan.

Already on the free plan?
Awesome, you don’t need to do anything! Your account and data will remain intact until you return.

On a paid plan?
Go to the Pricing page and select the Free Plan. Your account will automatically downgrade at the end of your current subscription period, and will remain on the Free Plan until you return. Please remember that unused credits, for all plans, are not carried forward to the next subscription period. All credits need to be used within the current plan period.

Do you have a dedicated IP? Please be advised that if you downgrade to the Free Plan, you will lose your dedicated IP and the reputation you have built.

To permanently close your account, please contact the Support Team who will perform the shut-down.

You still can not find the answer to your question?
Do not hesitate to contact our support team or search for other topics!

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