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Can we personalize emails?

You can absolutely personalize emails using your contact list properties.

What are the API Key and Secret Keys? How should I use them?

An API Key and Secret Key are secret tokens used by Mailjet to authenticate you with our servers. Your API Key and Secret Key are only known to you and Mailjet. It is important to keep both keys confidential to protect your account.

Can I update my contact list directly from my website?

There are several options available: integrate the Mailjet widget on your website page; or go through our API using one of our plugins or our documentation.

How can I configure Joomla?

Simply install our official Plugin to configure Joomla with Mailjet.

Also, normally, the last version of Joomla can handle sending via SMTP (parameters in Joomla's admin:

How can I configure my emails to display different campaign statistics using SMTP server?

Whether you're sending transactional or marketing emails, in both case you can get separate statistics on your dashboard. To do this, add a variable in the x-header of your emails: x-mailjet-campaign and identify a unique criteria for each campaign.

How can I integrate my own WordPress newsletter plugin with Mailjet and also obtain statistics?

Go to your WordPress configuration panel and simply enter your Mailjet SMTP information provided in your SMTP settings.

Alternatively, if you want to use Mailjet’s WordPress plugin, please visit out WordPress User Guide.

Can I create a customized tracking link?

Yes, you can create a customized tracking link to change the way links are displayed in your emails!

How can I segment my contact lists ?

Create segments (filters) based on contact properties or contact activity (opens, clicks) and apply them to your campaigns to send relevant content to the subscribers who are most likely to read it.

How can I create a subscription widget for my website?

You can create a subscription (sign-up) widget from the Subscription Widget page.

Once you add the widget details, the HTML code will be generated automatically and then you simply copy & paste it to your website.

How to create an A/B test with my campaigns?

With any Premium Plan, you can create multiple versions of your campaign, set the test group size and how the winning version will be selected.

How to do a campaign comparison?

With any Premium Plan, you can compare the results of multiple campaigns to see what content your customers like.

How can I access my Campaign Exclusion List?

You can access the Campaign Exclusion List from your Contacts page.

How to setup a series of automated messages?

Use Email Automation to create a workflow that will automatically send a series of emails to your contact list based on a specific action or event.

Can I send Transactional messages via SMS?

Yes you can send only Transactional messages using our SMS API. To learn more about SMS and how it works, read our Transactional SMS User Guide.

How many Transactional SMS can I send per day?

The default sending limit for SMS is 200 messages per day. To increase this daily limit, please contact Support.


Can I send Transactional SMS to anywhere in the world?

You can send transactional SMS to over 55 countries. Click the 'Check Rates' link on your SMS page for a list of available countries and the price per SMS.

What is the price for sending Transactional SMS?

The price for sending Transactional SMS depends on the destination country. Please check the ‘Check rates’ section on your SMS page for a breakdown per country.

Can I get a refund on my SMS purchases?

As per our Terms & Conditions, there are no refunds on SMS purchases.

I deposited money into my SMS Account. Why does it show as pending?

A validation process is required for the first deposit on a new credit card. This process may take up to 48 hours, and your deposit will appear as ‘pending’.

How to exclude a link from being tracked when click-tracking is enabled?

You can exclude links from being tracked (and rewritten) by using the ‘NOTRACK’ parameter in the <a> tag.

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