Sparkpost Alternative

Mailjet processes millions of emails per hour for customers worldwide like Microsoft, Avis, and Honeywell.


Test Plan
3,000 Emails Per Month
While both Mailjet and SparkPost offer reliable infrastructures with 99.9% availability, Mailjet differentiates itself with an intuitive drag and drop Email Editor, multilingual interface, 24/7 technical support, and many advanced features that SparkPost does not offer.

Mailjet vs SparkPost: High Level of Security and Confidentiality

Mailjet was the first company in the world to obtain AFNOR Personal Data Protection certification, guaranteeing compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Mailjet is also ISO27001 certified, the international standard offering the highest level of data security. SparkPost has no such certification.
EU-based servers

Mailjet vs SparkPost: Compare the Features

Mailjet offers an advanced email builder in 4 languages, US and EU-based API and consulting teams, plus optimized international deliverability thanks to long-standing ISP relationships. If you are working in teams, Mailjet developed advanced collaboration features tailored to help you work better as a team.