Cloud emailing for Spip

– Manage all your emails, improve deliverability and monitor action in real time.

Mailjet's Spip plugin provides complete control of Email settings with Spip.
It simply replaces your default SMTP settings to route your emails with Mailjet. Improve your deliverability and get in-depth analytics to start optimizing now!

Download the plugin
Spip 3.0 or over

How Mailjet Works

A simple 3 step guide to use this plugin.

1 Fast and easy set-up
with expert assistance
Get Ready - Create your free account, install the plugin and change your SMTP parameters.

2 Send transactional and
marketing emails
Start Sending - No warm up or manual validation process. Pay as you go and scale up or down.

3 Get real-time flow
and detailed reports
Cruise & Optimize - Leverage Mailjet's analytics and integrate further with the API.

Why use Mailjet's Cloud Emailing

Four simple reasons why you should use Mailjet to improve your email deliverability and monitor action in real time.

  • Emailing made easier Forget about SMTP and server maintenance. Forget about your 20% of legitimate emails that never make it to the inbox. Mailjet is easy-to-use, via the online platform and very easy to integrate via SMTP or API.

  • Full flexibility & lower costs Mailjet's flexibility guarantees that you can always adapt your sending capacity, up or down. Elastic volumes are not longer an issue and you never pay more than what you need. Save time, energy and money!

  • Quick & easy integration Set-up through SMTP in a few minutes and integrate easily by using our open API. New plugins and add-ons will allow you to use Mailjet with your favorite applications.

  • Unique features Start focusing on your business! Our platform is easy as pie: you click on 'send' and we take care of the rest. You will also get in-depth stats and useful tools to be more efficient than ever.

Install the Module

  • 1. Unzip plugin/;
  • 2. Upload all its content in your Spip spip/plugins/ directory;
  • 3. Log in as administrator in Spip;
  • 4. Enable the Mailjet settings plugin;
  • 5. Fill in required settings on the Configuration > advanced settings: you will simply need to enter your Mailjet secret and API keys, see hereafter how to get them.

Mailjet settings

  • 1. Sign up or sign in your Mailjet account;
  • 2. Make sure that you have activated a sender address;
  • 3. Go to "Account > Api keys" to get your informations;
  • 4. Copy / paste these informations in your Spip config pannel.

Here your go!


They trust Mailjet like 52,288 other customers do

We deliver successfully millions of emails every day for them!

We have fully integrated Mailjet to our platform! The result is that we can now leverage the richness of our user database to communicate more smartly than ever!

Nicolas Chaunu CEO at Weecast

Mailjet is an easy-to-use emailing solution. You set it up in a few minutes and it will instantly boost your deliverability!

Joffrey Signaire CTO at Zijob

Mailjet is an easy as pie Cloud Emailing solution. Quickly after a few configuration clicks, you’ll notice huge improvements in your campaigns!

Benoit Laurent CEO at Textmaster

What I love in Mailjet is that I don’t have to bother about my emails: they simply get delivered! The real-time analytics allow me to optimize and check that everything’s fine.

Edouard De La Jonquière CEO at Pressking

During the development with the provided API, the Mailjet team was highly responsive. This allowed us to quickly and easily achieve our goals.

René Cotton CTO at WiziShop

Download the plugin
Free - 25 Ko