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General Information

We will build a zap using Eventbrite + Mailjet to automatically add new event attendees’ email address and details to your Mailjet event contact list.

Pro tip: Remember to make sure and ask your attendees to opt-in to receive communication from you. This ensures you keep your sender reputation intact and get the best deliverability possible.

The Trigger will be new attendees (Eventbrite) and the Action will be adding the attendees’ details to contact list (Mailjet).

Trigger Phase

  1. To create a Zap, go to your Zapier dashboard and click on Make a Zap.


  2. Enter a descriptive name for your new Zap.


  3. In the ‘Choose a Trigger App‘ search box, enter ‘Eventbrite’ and select it.


  4. You will see a list of possible triggers for the Eventbrite app. You need to click on the ‘show less common options’ link to view all triggers.

    For this example, select ‘New Attendee’ and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  5. At this step you will need to select your Eventbrite account to use with this trigger. If you have already connected an Eventbrite account to Zapier, it will appear on the list. Otherwise you’ll have to connect a new Eventbrite account to your Zapier account.

    For this example, we will add a new Eventbrite account by selecting the ‘Connect a New Account’ option.


    In the new pop-up window, you will need to log into Eventbrite and ‘Allow’ Zapier to access data from your account.


    Go back to your Zapier window and you will see a new ‘Eventbrite #’ account. If you wish to change this default name, simply click on the pencil icon and enter a new name.

    You can also test to make sure that the account is active with the ‘Test’ button next to it.


    Select your Eventbrite account and click on the ‘Save + Continue’ button.


  6. On the new page, click on the ‘Event’ drop down list and select your desired event. Then click on ‘Continue’.


  7. At this step Zapier will test the Eventbrite Trigger by fetching (retrieving) an existing attendee. If you do not have at least one recent attendee of your event, please go to Eventbrite and register for the event.

    Once ready, click on ‘Fetch & Continue’.


  8. You should see a ‘Test Successful’ screen and you can see the details of the attendee by using the ‘view your attendee’ link. If the test did not work for whatever reason, you can click choose the ‘Re-test Eventbrite to get another attendee’ option (provided you have another event attendee).

    Click on the ‘Continue’ button…


    … and you have successfully set up your Trigger!

Action Phase

  1. Now we need to set up the Action – adding the new attendees to a Mailjet contact list.

  2. From the ‘Choose an Action App’ search box, enter ‘Mailjet’ and select it from the list.


  3. There are several possible Mailjet actions. For this example, please select ‘Subscribe Contact to Mailjet List’ and click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  4. You now need to select a Mailjet account that the zap will use. If you have already connected a Mailjet account with Zapier, it will show up on the list. Otherwise click on the ‘Connect a New Account’ button to add a new Mailjet account.

    For this example, we will connect a new Mailjet account.


    In the new pop-up window, you will add your API Key (User) and Secret Key (Password). You can find this information on the API Key Management page in your Mailjet account.

    You can also enter an SMS token, if you intend to use the Mailjet ‘Send SMS’ action for your zaps. To create a token, go into the SMS section of your account and click on ‘Generate a token’.

    Click on ‘Yes, continue’ to close the window.


    On your Zapier screen, you will see a new “Mailjet #” account. To change the name, just click on the pencil icon and enter a new name.

    Select ‘Save + Continue’ to continue.


  5. Now you need to select the contact list where you want to add the new attendees, and match the ‘Email’ field (required) to the attendee’s Profile Email.


  6. Additionally, you have the option to match up your Eventbrite attendee properties to your Mailjet contact properties (for example: first name, last name, etc.), so that you can then send them personalized emails or segment your contact list according any of your attendee properties.

    Once you have selected your contact list and matched up your contact properties, click on ‘Continue’.


  7. Zapier will now test the Mailjet action by adding a new contact to your Mailjet list. Click on ‘Create & Continue’ to perform the test.


  8. You should arrive at the Test Successful screen. (If the test was unsuccessful, please sekect the ‘Re-test’ option.)

    Click on the ‘Finish’ button.


  9. Finally, use the toggle button to turn ‘on’ your Zap.


Congratulations – your Zap is on and will automatically run when the Eventbrite (New Attendee) trigger happens!


Once you turn your zap on, only new event attendees will be added to your contact list. Your zap will not run for any existing attendees that have already signed up.