Mailjet Subscription Form


Once you have successfully installed and configured the Mailjet extension, the next step is to add subscription forms to your website. This way you can easily capture new contacts directly from your site and synchronize them with your Mailjet contact lists.

Mailjet allows you to set up multiple subscription forms in one (or more) of your web pages. Use these options to be able to update multiple contact lists. The TYPO3 settings will help you configure the visibility options for the forms.

Set up a Mailjet Subscription Form

  1. Click on the web page you want to add the subscription form to. Then use the drop-down menu under ‘General’ → ‘Content Element’ → ‘Type’ to select ‘Insert Plugin’. A pop-in window will appear, asking you to refresh the display - click on ‘OK’.


  2. Once the display has refreshed, you will see the ‘Plugin’ tab appear next to ‘General’. Open it.


  3. Under ‘Selected Plugin’ choose Mailjet, then refresh the page with the help of the pop-in window.


  4. The configuration settings for the Mailjet form will then be displayed. Under ‘Plugin Options’ you will see 3 tabs - ‘Subsciption form configuration’,’ Confirmation email customization‘ and ‘Messages and Errors’.



    The form display and positioning can be edited with the same settings that are used for any other content element. For detailed information please visit the Content Elements Guide in the TYPO3 Documentation portal.

Subscription Form Configuration

This section contains all the settings you need to properly configure your subscription form.

  • Mailjet contact list - Choose a contact list, to which the new subscribers will be added. If you need to create a new contact list, visit the Contacts section in your Mailjet account.


  • Contact properties - You can collect additional information about your subscribers by adding up to 3 fields linked to specific contact properties you have configured in Mailjet. For more details on contact properties please visit our dedicated guide.


  • Email field label - This is the text that appears above the email address field in the form.


  • Property labels - Similarly, you can add label texts above each of the fields for the properties you have added to the form.


  • Property descriptions - These are the descriptions, which are displayed below their respective property fields. For example, descriptions are useful when you need to specify what type of data should be entered - specific date format, number, text etc.


  • Form description - You can add a description for the form itself - its purpose, what kind of emails the subscribers will receive etc. It will be displayed above the Email field and its label.


  • Submit Button label - This will be the text on the “Subscribe” button.


Confirmation Email Customization

Once a person submits their subscription request via the Mailjet form, they will receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription. This email will always include several pieces of information that cannot be removed:

  1. The URL of the website that contains the subscription form.
  2. A button for completing the subscription process, linking to a confirmation URL.
  3. The confirmation URL itself, so users can copy-paste it in the address bar of their web browser.

The rest of the email content can be edited with the fields located in the ‘Confirmation email customization’ tab:


If you do not enter any information, the default text for the respective field will be displayed.

  • Email Heading Text - Will be displayed above the website URL and subscription confirmation button.

    Default Text

    Please Confirm Your Subscription To

  • Email Body Text - Will be displayed between the button and the subscription link in the email.

    Default Text

    “You may copy/paste this link into your browser:”.

  • Email Confirmation Button Text - Will be displayed on the subscription confirmation button.

    Default Text

    “Click Here to Confirm”.

  • Email Footer Text - the information you want displayed after the subscription confirmation link.

    Default Text

    “Did not ask to subscribe to this list? Or maybe you have changed your mind? Then simply ignore this email and you will not be subscribed”.

  • Thanks,… - Used for the end of the email, before the signature.

    Default Text


  • Owner - the email signature. Usually you would put your company / website name here.

    Default Text


Here is an example of a customized subscription confirmation email.


Messages and Errors

This tab allows you to modify the messages your users might receive when attempting to use the subscription form. Importantly, it also includes a field to select the sender email address for this form.


Select Sender Address

For each subscription form it is required to select a sender address. This will be the email address used to send the subscription confirmation email. Enter the sender email address in the ‘Email FROM address’ field.


Remember - the email address needs to be a validated in your Mailjet account. Visit the “Sender Domains & Addresses” section of your Mailjet account to view your sender addresses and domains.

Edit Messages and Errors

The rest of the options in this tab allow you to customize the responses a user can receive after submitting their details in the subscription form.

  • Confirmation Message - will be shown after a user clicks on the Subscribe button and the subscription confirmation email is sent successfully. You can use the %email symbol to include the email address in the message.

    Default Text

    Subscription confirmation email sent to %email. Please check your inbox and confirm the subscription.

  • Data type mismatch error - will be displayed whenever a user enters data in an incorrect format in one of the form fields. For example, you ask users to submit their age in one of the fields, so they need to enter a number, but instead they enter text. %id can be used to show the field label with the incorrect data format, and %type to display the type of data required.

    Default Text

    Incorrect data values. Please enter the correct values according to the example of the description in the field: <%id>

  • Subscribe error. Please try again later! - If there was any kind of issue with the form submission, the user will see this error message.

    Default Text

    Subscribe error. Please try again later!

  • The contact %email is already subscribed - If the user is already subscribed, this message will be displayed. %email is used to include the email address in the error message.

    Default Text

    Subscriber exists in Mailjet database! Try different email address for subscribe.

  • Thanks for subscribing - Once the user clicks on the button in the confirmation email and completes the subscription process, this message will be displayed on the landing page.