Update Contact Properties Zap

General Information

In order to send good personalized emails and marketing campaigns, you need to make sure that your contacts’ personal information is always up to date. To make it easy for you, you can link Pipedrive to Mailjet via Zapier using Mailjet’s ‘Update Contact Properties’ zap action.

Once the details of a person, for example, are updated in Pipedrive, the information is updated in the contact properties on Mailjet’s end.

Trigger Phase

  1. Click on Make a Zap!, choose a zap name, then for a Trigger App search for and select Pipedrive. For reference click here.


  2. It is time to select the trigger.

    For this example we will choose an Updated Person trigger. As it is not a common trigger, it is usually hidden and to see it you need to click on ‘Show less common options’. Once selected, press ‘Save + Continue’.


  3. Select the Pipedrive account you want to use, or connect a new one to Zapier. For reference click here.

  4. Afterwards you will be asked to test the trigger. Zapier will try to fetch a person in your Pipedrive account with recently changed details.

    Simply click on ‘ Fetch & Continue’ to initiate the test.


  5. Use the ‘view your updated person’ link to see the details fetched by Zapier. You can also re-test to get a different activity. Click on ‘Continue’ to move on to the Action phase, once you are satisfied with the test results.


Action Phase

  1. Search for an select Mailjet as the Action App.


  2. Choose the action to be performed when the trigger is activated.

    In our case, this would be ‘Update Contact Properties’. Afterwards, click on ‘Save + Continue’.


  3. Select the Mailjet account you want to use, or connect a new one to Zapier. For reference please click here.

  4. You now need to match your Pipedrive persons’ properties to your Mailjet ones, so they can be properly updated when the zap is triggered.

    You will see a list of your properties in Mailjet.


    The ‘Email’ property is the only mandatory one, However, it is useful to match additional ones – e.g. First and Last Name, Address, Phone, Organization etc. This will help you later both when personalizing emails in Mailjet and for segmentation of the contact list for marketing campaigns, for example.


    You can create the Mailjet properties you need in our Contact Properties section.

    To match properties, simply call up the drop-down menu for the Mailjet property you are interested in and select the corresponding Pipedrive detail.


    In the end you will have a picture similar to the one below. When you are ready, click on ‘Continue’.


  5. You will need to test the zap. You can check the information pulled by Zapier and see if it the properties are correctly aligned.


    Click on ‘Send Test to Mailjet’. If you wish to skip the test, select the ‘Skip Test’ option.


    Mailjet matches accounts by their email addresses. The test will only be successful, if there is already an existing account on Mailjet with the same email address as the one fetched by Zapier.

  6. When the test is successful (or skipped), you will see a message informing you about the same. Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the zap.


  7. All that’s left is to turn on the zap, and you are ready to go!