Azure allows developers to host, deploy and manage Web applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an application. By integrating with Azure, Mailjet helps developers save time and money by providing a transactional and marketing email service all from within the Azure platform.

Azure end users can benefit from Mailjet’s REST-ful API, SMTP relay and optimized deliverability to:

  • send and receive timely messages and alerts;
  • parse inbound traffic;
  • track email events in real time;
  • synchronize their data back into their applications hosted on Azure.

In addition, Mailjet also offers an integrated MJML framework to create responsive HTML email templates.

Developers also gain access to an advanced user interface which includes a real-time metrics dashboard and advanced email marketing features such as A/B testing, Real-time Monitoring, Campaign Comparison and Segmentation. Mailjet provides global customer support in six different languages.

Developers and the technical community are very important to Mailjet. This is why we are very excited to provide Mailjet as an App Service from directly within the Azure Marketplace.

Now, let’s get started!