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Feature Overview

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Transactional Email
Email Marketing
Premium Features

Mailjet's Email Builder: Passport

Our intuitive drag-and-drop email editor let's you build responsive emails quickly.

Email Personalization

Send emails with a human touch. Easily tailor dynamic content for each individual.

Role Management

Make teamwork easier

Send API

Send welcome emails, account notifications and shipping confirmations with our Send API.

Newsletter Templates

Our library of pre-made marketing and transactional templates look good on any screen.


Real-Time Collaboration

Design your emails with others!

Email Statistics

Measure and track key statistics to always know how your emails are performing.



Segment your contact list by preferences, past behaviors or demographics.

SMTP Relay

Rest easy sending transactional email through Mailjet's SMTP Relay.

Contact List Management

Capture new email addresses and keep your contact lists clean automatically.

Dedicated IP

Take control of your sender reputation with a dedicated IP address.


Marketing Automation

Create customer-centric email communication flows to seamlessly increase your KPIs.

Subscription Widget

Transform Your Visitors Into Contacts With Our Subscription Widget


A/B Testing

With Mailjet, you can run multivariate testing to experiment with up to 10 variations.


Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor your transactional emails and immediately alert you if there is an abnormality.


Reduce the pain of coding responsive emails, with MJML, our open-source markup language.

Templating Language

Transform the layout and content of each email to your customers with Templating Language.


Deliverability Expert

Our deliverability team is committed to helping you resolve your deliverability challenges.

Parse API

Efficiently process and extract information from incoming emails with our Parse API.


Campaign Comparison

Compare multiple benchmarks to find trends across customer demographics and send time.

Event API

Track transactional and marketing email events in real time with Mailjet's Event API.

Dedicated API Support

Our team of API specialists are developers like you, here to offer a helping hand.

Support Services

Our various support teams assist you on a daily basis