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You know that warm feeling when local shop owners know you by name and remember your order? Give your customers that feeling, digitally. In Passport, easily personalize email templates to show your customers just how special they are. Build trust, engagement and relevance with each send. Drop in personal elements with just a few clicks.

Personalize by location

Get creative by mix and matching other variables such as location. Perhaps you’d like to drive customers to shop at their local store or attend an event in their nearest city, save time by sending one email and having the content populate for you.

Customize email
subject lines

Addressing customers by first name in the subject line has shown to improve open rates. Stand out in the inbox by piquing curiosity, making it impossible for your customer not to click.

Email personalization for the advanced coder

For those coding marketing or transactional email from scratch, personalization can be added with a simple markup. Our documentation includes a comprehensive guide on how to segment contact lists and insert personalization.


Segment by Behavior

Personalization fields such as first name, city and favorite product can be used to build segments. Breaking your contact list into smaller groups, or segments, allows you to send the right content, to the right customer. Track how customers with similar behaviors and preferences engage with your content.

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