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With our newsletter templates, you can easily create and send emails that look good on any device.

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Did you know that 53% of emails are opened on mobile? With Mailjet, creating responsive email designs is fast and simple. Just choose a template from our extensive template gallery and customize it, or design your own from scratch.

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With Passport, you can easily create beautiful responsive email templates in just a few clicks. Add or edit content, images or calls-to-action by simply by dragging and dropping elements from our editor, or select one of our awesome email templates. All of our templates are responsive by design, so you can just choose from our ready-made newsletter or event templates, or customize one of our ecommerce, travel or sports designs.

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With Mailjet, you can create your own newsletter or email marketing template to highlight your company's brand image and visual identity. Code your own template with HTML, or use our markup language MJML, the only email framework that makes creating responsive emails easy.

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Before you press Send, Passport allows you to preview what your email will look like on different devices, and to test it by sending the email to yourself before sending it to your contacts. Thanks to Mailjet’s previewing and testing features, ensure your templates display beautifully on all devices before they hit your contacts’ inbox.

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Add a personal touch to your newsletters

Studies have shown that personalizing your newsletter can result in a conversion rate 1.7 times higher. Improve your engagement by adding a personal touch to each and every message, and use all the data you have available to show your contacts that you know them.
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Follow the best practices, tips and tricks you'll find on our blog and create stunning designs that look beautiful in all devices.

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