Dedicated IP Address for Email Marketing

Pilot your sender reputation with a Dedicated IP Address

Rest easy with a dedicated IP address. Improve your deliverability and take control of your sender reputation.

What is IP reputation?

Just like how banks use credit scores to determine your eligibility for a loan, ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) assign a reputation score to each sender’s IP address. Each sender is evaluated by how they follow best practices, such as promptly unsubscribing customers, high engagement and more.

With great power comes great responsibility

Consider using a dedicated IP address as your business grows. A dedicated IP address puts the power of your reputation into your hands. On one hand, it gives you complete freedom to grow and maintain your sender reputation, on the other hand bad practices are also more noticeable. A shared IP address’ reputation is influenced by the sending habits of all senders on the same network. Dedicated IP addresses start at the Silver plan at 150,000 emails a month. We’ve built this structure because at this volume of sending, dedicated addresses are instrumental in managing your IP reputation.

Dedicated IP reputation monitoring

Some ISPs have various sending volume restrictions. We automatically adapt your sending pace as needed. Our team also works with feedback loops to efficiently respond to spam complaints, bounces and unsubscriptions so you can spend less time managing and more time creating.

Built-in best practices

Our platform is also built to be attuned to ISP practices, like throttling. ISPs use sending volume restrictions, or throttling, to manage the large volumes of data that travel through their network. Mailjet automatically adapts your sending pace as needed.

Flight Tip: For larger volume senders, best practice is to host marketing and transactional messages on two different IP addresses. These two types of email have very different engagement rates, so separating the two ensures that one does not impact the reputation of the other.

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