Dedicated IP Address for Email Marketing

What is an IP address?

Every server or other device connected to the Internet has an IP address, which is used to identify it and record its activity throughout the network. Websites are associated with the IP address of the server they are hosted on. A lot of websites can be hosted on the same server and share the same IP address, so any suspicious activity on one of those sites can have a negative impact on the rest.

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What is a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address is your own private IP and is associated with your website alone. A dedicated email marketing server gives you the freedom and resources to scale your campaigns at any time. If your sender reputation is vital to your business and if you want to ensure email deliverability, then you should consider getting a dedicated IP address.

Test the reputation of your domain or IP address

Dedicated IP reputation monitoring

Just as banks use credit scores to determine your eligibility for a loan, ISPs (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) assign a reputation score to each sender’s IP address. Each sender is evaluated by how they follow best practices, such as promptly unsubscribing customers, high engagement and more. Our dedicated team works with feedback loops to efficiently respond to spam complaints, bounces and unsubscriptions, so you can spend less time managing and more time creating.

With great power comes great responsibility

Consider using a dedicated IP address as your business grows. A dedicated IP address on your own marketing server puts the power of your reputation in your hands. On one hand, it gives you complete freedom to grow and maintain your sender reputation; on the other hand, bad practices are also more noticeable. Dedicated IP addresses are recommended to manage IP reputations of those sending over 150,000 emails per month, and are available on our Silver plans and above.

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