Email campaign comparison

Campaign Comparison, your trusty email flight log

Review past email performance to learn from your wins (and losses) and set goals for future sends. Campaign Comparison helps you average past email results to create benchmarks. Use benchmarks as a goal or reference when evaluating performance of individual campaigns and series of email campaigns.

Email Benchmarks tell a story

Grouping your email campaigns together tells the larger story of your mileage as a sender. You’ll see larger trends take shape and help to drive the strategy of your future sends. With Campaign Comparison, you can easily identify which contact lists drive higher open rates, which call-to-actions drive higher click rates and build a story of who your customers are and how they engage.

Popular destinations

Find out which call-to-actions helped drive the most traffic, and which subject lines were more click-worthy. Remember, high performing call-to-actions have higher click-through-rates. Group three word call-to-actions and run that benchmark against one word call-to-actions. Or, add an extra filter by benchmarking various types of call-to-actions sent to a particular customer segment.

Finding high and low season

Group past email by send date to take a look at how customer engagement changes over the year. Benchmarking certain seasons can be especially useful to determine the best time to run a promotion, announce a new product or hold a contest. E-commerce companies might want to benchmark their past holiday season in preparation for promotions this upcoming season. B2B SaaS companies looking to announce a new product may want to review their campaign performance over the past few years to find when customers are most engaged.

Going the distance

Remember to keep an open mind when analyzing your data; customer behavior isn’t static -- their engagement with your campaigns change as a result of product updates, the economy or technology. Create meaningful email benchmarks on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on how frequently you communicate with your customers to take your campaigns to the next level.

Flight Tip: Each company will have their own frequency at which they should review and compare campaigns. It’s dependent on how much you send, the types of email you send and more.

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