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Never guess again, always email right. Run an A/B test or, for advanced senders, go beyond the traditional constraints and multivariate with our A/B testing tool. Guessing can be costly - test up to 10 variations and build your next send-off with tried and true results.

Email with confidence

Simplify your testing by sending several versions of your email campaign to a smaller randomized portion of your email list, and then blast the winning version to the rest of your contacts. You sit in the cockpit, steering your test by defining winning criteria (metrics such as opens and clicks) and adjusting the duration.

Data, data, data

Hard data tells the story of which subject line, image, button or copy resonates best with your customers. Each test you run, no matter the winning version, is a quantitative learning that will help inform your next send. Use A/B testing to find the best way to engage customers and drive conversion.

Testing makes everyone a winner

There’s no set formula. Winning criteria looks slightly different for each business - it really depends on the product and the customer. Testing your email makes you more competitive: 93% of companies in the US have used A/B testing before.

Test it before you send it!

New to testing? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re running an A/B or multivariate test, try out these ideas to get started: test to see if a subject line with symbols drives higher opens, how customers respond to the button placed between vs. below the text, or how a "% off" or a "$ off" promotion drive greater click throughs and sales.

Flight Tip

Always start a test with the hypothesis that you’re looking to prove.Then, hold one or multiple variables constant when you test. This will help prove statistical significance. To learn more about best practices and tricks, head over to our blog


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