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With its advanced A/B testing functionality, Mailjet lets you test not just two, but up to 10 different versions of your message. The best performing version is then sent to the rest of your list.

You can test everything!

A/B tests allow you to test items such as the sender name, subject, content, and design of your email. Among a subset of your contacts, observe which call-to-action is most effective, depending on its position, content, or color. Testing your email makes you more competitive! Understand the tone to adopt with your targets in much more detail than before.

Evidence by numbers

As the content owner, define your ideal criteria: highest opening or click rate, lowest churn rate, or lowest spam rate. Hard data tells the story of which subject line, image, button or copy resonates best with your customers. The most impactful version will then be sent to the remainder of your contacts.

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