A/B Test Your Campaigns With Confidence

Test almost anything within your email, including subject lines, sender names, images, and buttons. You can also compare up to 10 versions simultaneously so the possibilities are truly endless. Mailjet will send your email to a subset of your list, and based on the results will send the winning variation to the remainder of your list. Success criteria can be the highest open rate, highest click-through rate, lowest unsubscription rate, or the lowest spam rate.

Email AB Testing Made Easy

Take the guesswork out of which email performs better. Let the data decide with Mailjet's email ab testing tool. Easily create beautiful variations of your existing emails with Mailjet's advanced email builder, Passport. Your marketing teams will love how easy it is to create awe-inspiring emails in minutes.

Evidence by numbers

As the content owner, define your ideal criteria: highest opening or click rate, lowest churn rate, or lowest spam rate. Hard data tells the story of which subject line, image, button or copy resonates best with your customers. The most impactful version will then be sent to the remainder of your contacts.

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