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Interacting with your customers at the right moment is key for a successful marketing strategy. Save time and do it with our automation solution. Being able to onboard new recipients, engage at key personal moments, reward actions or reactivate inactive users is becoming the new normal for companies. Mailjet helps you to automate this customer-centric email strategy.

Empower marketing and IT teams to collaborate

Intuitive user interface

Increase the KPIs relevant to your business

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Customer-Centric Journeys

Mailjet offers predefined scenarios to quickly create and automate email workflows that compliment the way consumers interact with your brand. You can refine the audience of your workflows with segmentation, and create as many touch points as you see fit.

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Automation And Deliverability

Email Automation relies on world-class deliverability. Our global deliverability team works tirelessly alongside you to ensure your automated messages land exactly where they belong: in the inbox.

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Intuitive Email Editor

Create beautiful automated marketing campaigns

Our drag and drop intuitive editor, Passport, lets you design impactful automated emails in seconds. You can utilize Passport to design any kind of message. Choose from our email template library or create your own in a few clicks.

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Advanced Statistics

Mailjet provides extensive tracking and reports to show how your automated emails are performing in each scenario. Metrics include delivery status, unsubscribe data, open and click rates. All the data you need to refine your Email Automation strategy.

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Leading Brands Trust Mailjet

"When we started using Mailjet, we knew that the service would easily scale to our needs, without any technical operation on our side."

Bruno Van Haetsdaele

Co-founder & CEO, Linxo

“Email is a key channel for it - it directly accounts for 70% of our website traffic and 15% of our revenue. Working with Mailjet guarantee us the quality of our sendings.”

Clemence Lefevre

Digital Project Manager, Privilège de Marque

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