Rodale Motor Presse

Successful Email Marketing For Online Fitness Programmes And Apps

In 2017, sending newsletters is no longer enough. These days, customers expect to be addressed personally with individual offers, across multiple channels. Together with Mailjet, Rodale-Motor-Presse is providing individual, yet simultaneously automated customer communication via in-app email, thereby ensuring improved customer loyalty.

The German-American joint venture Rodale-Motor-Presse markets the successful Men’s Health, Women’s Health and RUNNER’S WORLD magazines. With sites in Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Spain, the publisher has a worldwide presence. Various fitness programmes and apps supplement the online offering and are opening up new target customer groups of tech-savvy (recreational) sportsmen and women.

In Mailjet, Rodale-Motor-Presse has found an ESP, which is able to meet all of these challenges through Mailjet’s strong APIs. With the aid of various APIs, Rodale-Motor-Presse is able to easily set up the entire dispatch process. With the support of Mailjet’s Compliance Team, EU data protection regulations are met – Mailjet achieves a high level of deliverability for all outgoing emails.