Pancakes or waffles? Cubs or White Sox? Rihanna or Beyoncé? Life is always a matter of choices. Most of the time, those choices are personal. But sometimes, they are beyond you. Especially if your business is on the line. After all, how can you be sure that your tastes fit with what your customers and users are expecting? There is only one way to be sure: testing! Should it be with A/B Testing or, even better, with A/X Testing, tests are the best way to understand and evaluate what will perform best with your audience.

Obviously, testing also applies to emailing. You can test pretty much anything: subject line, call-to-action, design, content, time and date to send… Anything can be optimized with A/B tests. Though, still very few marketers actually test elements of their campaigns, despite the fact that testing tools directly integrated to emailing services providers are more and more common.

So… what? Are you afraid of testing? Or are you not sure how to process? Let us help you. Find what kind of tester you are with our quiz. Ready? Let’s go!