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By Udeme Ukutt

In the world of email deliverability, you’ll hear a lot about list management (cleaning email lists, list quality, list sources, subscriber consent, etc). One way to clean your list is by sending a reconfirmation email – which is what we’ll discuss in this blog post.

Generally speaking, every three to six months you will find inactive users who have not clicked or opened emails within that timeframe. The goal is to reconfirm with these users whether they would like to continue receiving communication from you. The benefit is two-fold: even if you potentially lose some users, your list quality will improve because those that reconfirm are more engaged and it improves your reputation since spam complaints are lower with these engaged customers.


Include a clear and simple call-to-action

We like this email from Free People because they keep the “ask” simple and their confirm/unsubscribe buttons really pop.

Flight School Friday- Reconfirming for higher deliverability1


Remind customers why they should keep listening

This Crocs email does a great job of explaining how their customers have benefitted from receiving their emails in the past. Beyond just incentivizing customers to confirm their subscription, Crocs also offers a 20% off discount to drive sales.

Flight School Friday- Reconfirming for higher deliverability2

Once the campaign is complete, remember to remove all email addresses who unsubscribed! Here’s how to do this in your Mailjet account:

First, go to your campaign page and select the re-confirmation email you’ve recently sent out. Then, scroll down to the “Emails list” and click the drop down on the right hand side to select “Status”.

Flight School Friday- Reconfirming for higher deliverability3

Next, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find buttons to export your list. Click “Export to a list” to choose the master contact list you would like to update and select “Select New Contacts, Ignore Unsubscribed Contacts”. Click the green “export” button and you’ll have yourself a clean, updated contact list! As always, be sure to follow deliverability best practices and be sure that your list does not include any email addresses bought from third-party lists.

Flight School Friday- Reconfirming for higher deliverability4

Remember that this is a continuous process, so you will want to check back on the progress of your resubscriptions every few days or so. But it does get easier as you go, because once you have a template set up you can easily schedule this email as a triggered campaign to inactive customers every three to six months.

We’d love to hear about some cool reconfirmation emails you’ve built! What did you found worked and what didn’t work as well?