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god with yellow note cards

Advanced email personalization using Mailjet’s API

In our previous post in this series we explained what personalization is and provided some useful tips on how and when to best add...

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Hermes holds an email in front of the laptop screen

How to personalize your emails with Mailjet

Email personalization is a tactic used by a lot of brands today, but frankly not enough...

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Hermes delivering letter over the desk

How to set up template error management and why we need it

Testing your email templates is tough. Who wants to be checking thousands of code lines for 50 different templates?...

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Hermes writing on PC

How to set up a double opt-in subscription form via Mailjet’s API

Deliverability is a pain. We know it. That’s why, here at Mailjet, we are doing our best to get your emails straight into the inbox...

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