3 Zapier x Mailjet Updates
That Will Save You From The Q4 Rush

Summer in the office doesn’t have to be boring. Actually, you better start bracing yourselves now, because before you know it…

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Winter is coming

Exactly. And so is the usual Q4 rush. Exciting period in which, all of a sudden, everything starts happening at the same time. You know what that means: now is the time for preparation.

Give Your Workflow An Automation Boost

Here at Mailjet, we use a variety of apps to handle different – yet often related – sides of our business: CRMs, CMS, ESPs … Each of these bring their fair share of value in their own area, but creating workflows that combine their individual strengths together allows us to get a lot more out of them.

This is what that led us to integrate with Zapier.
Zapier is an awesome IPaaS tool that lets you automate your workflow by connecting your apps together (Psst. they record over 750 web apps!)… all without having to drop a single line of code (promised).
Essentially, the platform allows you to use ‘Triggers’ and ‘Actions’ to create your own scenarios: when this (Trigger) happens, do that (Action).

If you’re new to Zapier and would like to hear more, catch up over here!

To recap, the automation scenarios are endless. But what if we told you that we’ve actually found a way to take endless even further? Ladies and gents, here come our new Mailjet x Zapier Triggers and Actions… and three ways to use them to make your life easier!

1. Synchronize Data Out Of Any Email Event

Trigger: New Email Event

This trigger lets you automatically transfer your email event data to your other apps.

This means that you can enhance what information you track from your leads by automatically feeding your CRM system with detailed data on how they engage with your campaigns.

Whenever your hot lead shows interest in your email campaigns by opening them and clicking on the associated links, you’ll be able to keep an eye on their behaviour directly in your CRM – and be ready to attack with an tailored strategy!

Here are a few examples of automation scenarios you can create thanks to Mailjet’s ‘New Email Event’ Trigger:


2. Update Contact Properties Across The Apps You Use


Action: Update Contact Properties

  We already made it quite handy for you to automatically add new contacts to your Mailjet lists simply by adding them as new rows in Google Sheets. Now, if you were to organize an event where you collected new details about your leads – you’ll want to use this key information. This is where our new Action Zap comes into play: add any extra contact information you’d like on your Google Sheet, and you’ll have that contact information automatically updated in Mailjet. And the more you know… the more automation scenarios you can create! Take tailored communication even further with endless automation scenarios based on any contact property update.            

3. Send Responsive And Personalized Emails

Action: Send Email Using A Saved Mailjet Template

If you’re a Mailjet user, chances are you’re already familiar with Passport, the easy-to-use responsive email template editor. If not, give it a try and be prepared to fall in love .

With Mailjet’s latest Zapier ‘Action’, you can automate sending personalized Passport email templates following any trigger. When a new lead is added to your CRM, you might want to let your team know. You can automate sending previously created detailed updates on Passport to your teams including your leads’ contact information, so they can take action fast.


Now, your lead has already subscribed to your newsletter, and due to your brilliant email marketing efforts, just turned into a customer… yay! What better way to celebrate than by sending them a nice tailored welcome email? Good news again: you can now automate sending personalized emails following any defined action using Passport templates.

You get the idea: the possibilities are endless. Use our pre-made Zaps or create your own to connect Mailjet with your favorite apps. Setting up automation scenarios between apps does not only save precious time, it also enables you to leverage these tools’ power and boost your teams’ productivity like crazy.

Feedback? Zap suggestions? Share them with us on Twitter and let’s go crush Q4!

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Mailjet Partners

Going Global:
How To Get Started With Email Marketing Localization

There is a common belief that the Internet’s language is English by default. The truth is that 70% of Internet users, even if they do understand English, are in fact non-native English speakers.

In the Can’t Read, Won’t Buy report, Common Sense Advisory found that 75% of customers prefer to purchase products when targeted in their own language.

This means that if your competitors have already translated their communications and you haven’t, they already have a higher chance than you do to reach your shared audiences.

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Your Spanish-speaking subscribers,
opening up your English email campaigns.

Sounds like a missed opportunity, doesn’t it?

What can I do about it?

If you’re looking to expand your international reach, you might want to think about localizing your email campaigns.

We’ve partnered with Translation Exchange, a cloud-based localization platform that lets you translate your Mailjet email templates into other languages.

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Translation Exchange offers both machine and human translation.
Automated machine translation is helpful and time-saving, but sometimes, a machine translation is just not enough. Professional translation agencies are directly integrated in the platform to provide you with that unique local flair that only human translators can add.

For hassle-free localization projects, the platform also offers a direct messaging feature for developers, translators and project managers to collaborate.

Love it already? Wait til you hear this.

Translation Exchange not only integrates with Mailjet, but also with your favorite CMS and marketing automation platforms.

Why is this cool? Translation Exchange’s technology allows shared translation memory. This means that you never have to translate the same content twice, and, most importantly, that your brand voice is consistent across all the communication channels you use.

Your Translated Email Templates, Just 5 Clicks Away

  1. Create your Translation Exchange account.
  2. Connect your Mailjet account with Translation Exchange.
  3. Import your Mailjet templates on Translation Exchange.
  4. Order professional translations in 100+ languages directly from your dashboard.
  5. Click ‘Publish’ on Translation Exchange to receive your translated templates in Mailjet.


Si señor, but… localization doesn’t stop with just language. Here are a few tips to get you all set before you start:

Show Cultural Sensitivity

Every country has a culture of its own, and translating your original message to another language is just the first step of localization.

For example, if you’re in the US and thinking of sending a Fourth of July Special Sale Email Campaign, you might want to go with a different messaging to target subscribers that are based in other countries.
Take a closer look at your subscribers’ local cultures to make sure that your message fits in with their references. Words and phrases can vary from one language to another too: for example, you’d need to use a familiar form to promote your product in Italian, whereas you’d have to use a formal form in French. This is also valid for colors, design… even emoji preferences in email subject lines aren’t the same across all countries !


Sephora’s automated newsletter subscription welcome emails for
the US (left) and Italy (right) : same message, different messaging.

Hit The Inbox At The Right Time

And by time, we don’t just mean time zones. Of course, you need to be aware of the time zone your target subscribers live in. But what you also need to keep in mind is that the typical workday is not the same in every country: as much as we wish we did, we don’t all get the Spanish siesta. Do your research on what the common habits are in your target markets to ensure you land in the inbox at the right time.

Respect Local Anti-Spam Regulations

Last, but definitively not least, be aware of the anti-spam laws that are applicable in your target countries. Just like cultural references and habits, email regulations are not the same everywhere.
The easiest way to ensure that you’re in a good place legally to target the country you want to is to check for your ESP’s Terms of Service – if you use Mailjet, you should have no problem: since our servers are based in Europe, our service guarantees full EU-Data compliance, which is among the strictest level of email data security.

Questions? Suggestions? International love? Ping us @ partners@mailjet.com

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Mailjet + Viwom:
Embed Videos
(That Actually Work)
In Your Emails

So there you are: your email text is not too short, not too long; your CTAs are placed strategically; your images are spot on. Yet you’re still not seeing an increase in your campaigns’ conversion rate. The inbox is a tough battlefield and you’re not the only one landing in your subscribers’ inbox. This means that you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Time To Step Up Your Game

You know how the saying goes: “An image speaks a thousand words”. But how many words does a video speak? We’ve warned you before that 2017 would be the year of email interactivity. GIFs are everywhere. MJML keeps launching more amazing components like accordions to take email active content to the next level… and now, we’re taking it even further with… videos!

Videos have become one of the most powerful and effective tools for brands to communicate with their customers. They are expected to represent 74% of all internet traffic by the end of 2017.

If you’re an active social networks user, you’ve probably noticed that your feed progressively turned into a minefield of autoplay videos that you more than often end up watching, liking and sharing – contributing directly to their success, sometimes without even realizing it.


Now, imagine combining the impact of videos with the power of email marketing. The numbers are impressive: using videos in your emails can boost your CTR up to 173% and your Conversion Rate up to 50% per campaign.

I’m in. Lights, Camera, Action!

Not so fast…We know this is exciting news. And we’re sorry to break it to you, but it’s also a double-edged sword.

Using videos in emails implies taking the risk of it not being supported by your subscribers’ email client. And in case your video actually reaches your subscribers in the correct format, they’d still have  to be redirected to an external window to play the video – ending up leaving the inbox.

Bottom line: in all cases, your chances of engaging your subscribers are dramatically reduced.

This sure doesn’t solve my conversion issue…

That’s where our partner Viwom comes in.


Viwom is a platform that allows you to embed videos in your email campaigns… that play automatically as your subscribers open it.

Adapt To Your Target

No more bad surprises in the inbox, Viwom heard us: their video email campaigns are compatible with all email clients and 100% responsive. Their technology follows a smart algorithm that automatically detects the device, OS and email client where the email is opened from and delivers the best option to each one.

Catch Your Subscribers’ Eye

With videos that start playing instantly as they open your email, your subscribers will not only be intrigued, but also immediately get hooked on your content – all without even having to take further action after opening your email, nor leave the inbox.

200w_d (2)

Expand Your Reach

Goal achieved? Time to take this to the next level! Now that your subscribers are engaged, the ball is in their hands: let them spread the word. Viwom lets you include social media buttons in your email videos, making it easy for your subscribers to share with their networks in just one click. As basic as it sounds, this step is an easy and pretty much effortless way to boost your brand awareness by making your content go viral.

Send Through Mailjet

And the best part: You can now send your Viwom Email Campaigns directly through Mailjet! This means that you can benefit from your stellar sending reputation and Mailjet’s world class deliverability to make sure that your dynamic video email campaigns land in the inbox.

All you need to get started is to create your Viwom video email campaign, export your Viwom HTML email template, import it to Mailjet and press send. It’s really easy, but if you’d like some extra help, just follow the complete Viwom x Mailjet User Guide.

Questions? Feedback? Video suggestions? Ping us @ partners@mailjet.com

Love, Partners

3 Steps To Boost Your Holidays Sales With Mailjet Integrations

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it might already feel like the least wonderful time of the year. That’s because it’s also the busiest for marketers. But, if your marketing is done right, it can also be the most effective for your sales.

In order to take advantage of this special time, it is thus essential to deploy a good communication strategy. But why tackle this season alone? To help you, here’s three hacks to up your holiday game using Mailjet integrations:

1. Build Your Opt-in (Christmas) List


Before sending your email campaigns, you need a contact list to reach out to. If you’ve been nice, you should already have started building one using tools like smart pop-ups. For example, the pop-up below offers a website’s visitors the opportunity to receive exclusive cookie recipes by signing up to the newsletter.


Mailjet is integrated with Justuno: a simple tool to convert your website’s visitors, and even cart abandoners, into subscribers with timely exit pop-ups like this one.

Cool. But what if I’m short on time?

Now you’re probably thinking: “At this point, the only option I have left is to buy a contact list to begin with”. Don’t. The last thing you want is to end up in the spam folder and get on the naughty list of Gmail, Hotmail etc.

So what can I do? Wait until next Christmas? My sales aren’t going to just boost themselves…

We have a plan for you, even if you’ve been naughty ;). You know what’s cool about the holidays? Gifts!


Mailjet is integrated with Rafflecopter, a really cool tool to launch a giveaway in no time.
Rafflecopter allows you to entice your giveaway entrants to also sign up to your newsletter – and have them directly transferred to your Mailjet email list.

2. Make It Pretty – Make It Yours

Now that you’ve built your contact list, it’s time to start creating your email campaigns. Email design is key: the human brain processes visual information 60 000 times faster than text. It is one of the first elements that will stand out, and which your subscribers will associate with your brand.

With illustrio, you can customize thousands of icons and illustrations. Personalize them with your brand image and colors and use them to make your email campaigns stand out.

And since it’s that time of year, we also have a special gift for you: the ultimate palette of colors that we recommend using this Holiday Season.


3. Target the Right People

So, now you’re almost there. You have 1) built an opt-in list, 2) created beautiful emails. “All I have left to do now is to hit send”. Haha. No.

Before you start sending, make sure to know who you’re addressing. You wouldn’t want to send Grandma discounts for Punta Cana Spring Break packages.



Grandma opening your special Punta Cana Spring Break promotional campaign.

Personalization is key and can really make a major difference in your email campaigns’ performance.

Okay. But how can I do that? That seems like a long process…

Lucky for you, Mailjet is integrated with Boomtrain, which can completely automate this personalization process. Boomtrain tracks your subscribers’ actions on your website, assesses what they browse, and adapts email content to them.

If this still sounds too fancy, you can always use Mailjet’s segmentation feature to make sure that you adapt your emails to different types of subscribers in your contact list.

And there you have it, easy as 1, 2, 3. Time to let the Mailjet integrations do the heavy lifting.

Happy Holiday Season.

Love, Partners.


Have you tried our integrations? Tell us how you use them on Twitter, using the hashtag #MailjetPartners.


Want to define your email strategy to win customers over this holiday season? Check out Mailjet’s Ultimate Guide To Holiday Emailing.

Holiday Emailing Guide