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Finding the right email partner to complete your marketing offering can make all the difference in not only onboarding new accounts, but also upselling to existing ones. Easily manage your customers’ access and rely on a powerful and solid infrastructure and intuitive tools.

Easily manage your customers’ access

With the Mailjet platform, agencies can manage their customers’ access, billing information and emails by creating as many sub-accounts as they need. Agencies can also give a precise role to each new user inside a sub-account, including fully customizable permissions, so they’re always in control.

Create beautiful designs together

Easily collaborate on email templates with Passport, Mailjet’s intuitive email builder. Create beautiful responsive emails in no time and enjoy advanced features such as content locking, to make sure all emails are always on brand. Have your designers, content editors and account managers collaborate on a template simultaneously to save time and rework.

Easily share email templates across sub-accounts

Share design-ready templates in your master account with as many customer sub-accounts as you’d like and simply customize any changes for individual customers where you see fit.

Facilitate exchanges and team work

Imagine a world where feedback and iterations are a breeze. With Mailjet, your customers can directly comment on the templates your team has designed, with a choice to publish them when they are approved. The workflow is so easy you won’t use other channels anymore. Need to go back to a previous version? Mailjet’s keeps the history of all changes and you can revert to an old version in just one click.

White Label solution

Interested in providing our features to your users, within your own application? Integrate our platform as a White Label solution.

“We have chosen Mailjet for several years now for its commercial flexibility and deliverability quality. We chose Mailjet for its user interfaces and its support in 4 languages for our customers. Moreover, Mailjet’s rapid GDPR compliance confirms our choice. Finally, the evolutions of services proposed for the campaigns and the transactional make it possible to follow the major trends of the affinity email as well as the opening of the services to external tools (via API). In short, Mailjet: an indispensable service today in the implementation of digital strategies.”
Kevin Gallot
CEO, Inflexia
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