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Real-Time Monitoring Available Exclusively At Mailjet

Transactional messages are automated, so there is rarely someone monitoring them all the time. Mailjet is the only email solution to provide you with the capability to detect delivery issues with your messages, and then immediately notify you when something unusual happens with your sendings.

Save Time On Troubleshooting

Be the first to notice any issues by setting up alerts on your emails. With signals about unusual sending volume, timing, statistics and errors, Real-Time Monitoring provides you with clues to investigate the possible root-cause of your delivery issue. All you have to do is define the categories of messages, the types of alert, and their thresholds.

Benefit from easy to use interface

Create alerts and access current or past sending indicators with our web interface. Quickly visualize your alerts with our dashboard and adapt your sending accordingly seconds after the incident happened.

For example, create a category called “Invoices” that will monitor the traffic of all invoices you are sending to your clients. You will get alerted for any unusual statistics about this type of message.

Choose Your Notification Channel

Because work doesn’t always happen behind a desk, we know that it’s key to push alerts to you on the channel that will get the most attention. You can choose to receive notifications by email, Slack, or SMS.

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