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Our powerful API allows you to integrate all your Mailjet data with your information systems.

You can develop your own scripts and applications on top of our system to meet any need.


Communication to and from our API is done through HTTP(S) GET and POST queries. We support different formats to choose from depending on your affinities : JSON, XML, serialized PHP, and CSV for some export functions. You can access our API from almost any programming language, and in just a few minutes with our plug and play libraries.

Contact management

Retrieve contacts information with different filters very easily :

  • Export all your contacts
  • Find all contacts who generated bounces or spam complaints, and contacts who opened and clicked your emails most
  • Get all emails sent to a specific contact
  • And more...

Campaign and email reports

Retrieve campaign information and statistics :

  • Find all emails sent by a specific address, search by subject or custom campaign identifier
  • Get statistics on opens, clicks, bounces, spam complaints, etc. for a list of emails and campaigns
  • Integrate campaign stats with your marketing application to get real-time feedback
  • And more...


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