CSA Summit 2018

Teilnahme an Panel-Diskussion im Rahmen des CSA Summit 2018 zum Thema: “GDPR 360°: Practical use cases for senders and receivers”


The upcoming GDPR is not new to the email industry anymore – most companies already know the basics. But how does the GDPR really affect everyday life of the email industry? How does a Brand work to get compliant and does the ESP play a role in this? How do Spam Filter Provider and Internet Service Provider handle upcoming changes? Our Panel will fill theory with real life examples – evaluated by a legal expert.



  • Dr. Jens Eckhardt – Specialist attorney-at-law for information technology law, data protection auditor & compliance officer (TÜV), Derra, Meyer & Partner; Member of the management board, EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e. V. (legal division)

  • Magnus Eén – Deliverability Manager, Westwing

  • Kerstin Espey – Senior System Engineer, HeLi NET Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG

  • Dr. Isabel Feys – Country Manager DACH – Benelux, Mailjet

  • Sebastian Fitting – Consultant Complaints Office, Certified Senders Alliance

  • Rosa Hafezi – Attorney, Certified Senders Alliance

  • Don Owens – Senior Technical Leader, Cisco Systems


Über die Veranstaltung

Emails & More – What does the best reward program for frequent emailers look like? Your daily work aims at getting the best quality and efficiency out of the email business. Do it right, and you get rewarded by the market: better deliverablitiy and conversion rate, fewer complaints or spam, you name it.. This is the event for it. Topics to cover:

  • The influence of new regulations on the email business (GDPReprivacy)

  • Technical features impacting Branding

  • Trends & Innovations reshaping customer experience

  • … & More