Mailjet partner program

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Partner categories



Are you in the IaaS, PaaS, mobile back-end space or provide self-service or managed hosting? Contact us for more details on how to leverage Mailjet's provisioning, integration and reseller APIs to put the power of email at your end users' fingertips within a couple of clicks.



Do you provide cloud or software services such as but not limited to CRM, ecommerce or website building spaces? find out how you can include Mailjet's powerful email platform into your offering.



Are you a marketing agency for which email is a primary communication and engagement channel for your clients? contact us to find out how you can include mailjet's leading email and deliverability platform into your offering.



Do you have an extensive online or personal network and love preaching the power of email to others? sign up to one of the industry's most generous affiliation programs.



We partner with the world's leading accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces to give startups their email wings. If this is you, sign up here.

Revenue models



Mailjet receives all revenue directly from the end user and subsequently transfers a commission percentage to the partner for the paying client referral. This scenario is applicable when Mailjet or the Partner provisions the client account but Mailjet bills the end user directly. This model works well for affiliates (including online marketplaces and comparison sites) and platforms that do not wish to bill the client directly.



The partner keeps a portion of the overall email revenue generated by the end user. This scenario is generally applicable when the partner handles both end user account provisioning and billing on behalf of Mailjet. For example, a cloud platform that has Mailjet fully integrated and handles the account provisioning and billing for the end user from directly within their platform. After billing the end user for, the partner keeps a percentage of the billed revenue and transfers the rest back to Mailjet.



Mailjet bills the partner direct for all aggregate email the partner platform sends out via all end users combined. The partner then bills their individual end users as they see fit. This scenario is applicable when a partner wishes to maintain billing flexibility vis-à-vis their end users. This model works well for resellers and whitelabel integrations.

Integration scenarios


Connectors are the communication bridges created between Mailjet's APIs and third party APIs. These allow the two platforms to communicate together and conduct basic functions such as synchronising contact lists, pushing back Mailjet statistics into a partner platform, etc.



Mailjet Plug-ins are a degree more complex than a connector and provide light program functionality that is already in a plug-and-play format compatible with specific web platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. More information can be found on our dedicated plug-in page. If you have built your own plug-in and wish to have it listed here, please let us know!


Mailjet provides it's full front (interface) and back office (stats and infrastructure) in a full featured module that is integrated into a partner platform via our APIs and/or iFrames. This integration scenario goes beyond just functional connectors and plug-ins and may even include features and functionalities that are not present on Mailjet's own public service.



For partners that have their own marketing or communication app or service that depends on email but that do not necessarily wish to build their own email infrastructure and reporting mechanisms or deal with the deliverability aspect of emailing, this solution allows them.

Integration methods

For more technical info, check out


The Mailjet API is designed to be fully REST compliant. This means that the API allows you to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) resources. Our own Mailjet interface is built on top of our APIs so imagine what you can build! The possibilities are endless. Check out our Dev Zone for more info.



The iFrame API allows you to integrate the principal Mailjet user interface pages such as our drag-and-drop campaign management tool, contacts and statistics dashboards inside your web-app or backend as they appear on It's essentially like putting a window towards within your web app with just a few lines of code. The benefit is that you don't have to spend time building out the pages and functionality as they are already structured. iFrames also allow you to benefit from any updates from us automatically. Contact the partnerships team for more info on iFrames.



If you already send emails, you are using an SMTP server but more than likely a blind one. This means you nor your clients have any visibility on what happens to the emails they are sending out. Were they blocked? Were they opened? Clicked on? By telling your hosting provider to send your emails via our intelligent SMTP relay through a couple of quick parameter changes on your end, we make sure to add all the tracking and enhanced deliverability to provide you with visibility and insight you need to accelerate your business.