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Mailjet is a tool that allows us to closely monitor our transactional emails. But at the same time, it is also an effective marketing tool: it actually lets you manage all your bulk emailing! Our technical teams have therefore integrated the tool to our own back office. The end result is that we can now leverage the richness of our user database to communicate more smartly than ever.

Nicolas Chaunu CEO at Weecast

Mailjet is simple, quick to set up and it allowed us to significantly expand our deliverability. Moreover, what’s incredibly powerful is this real-time feature coupled to the API that can monitor any campaign or email sent! It is very efficient.

Joffrey Signaire CTO at Zijob

Mailjet is a very simple solution to manage both bulk and transactional emailing. In a few clicks, everything was set up and ready to use: the delivery of our emails has right away been widely improved. The added-value also resides in the real time reporting tool that reveals to be a very convenient way to monitor and optimize the campaigns.

Benoit Laurent CEO at Textmaster

What I like about Mailjet is that it gives me peace of mind. When I send a big campaign I can make sure that everything's going well in real time - and it does go well, the e-mails are delivered in time, and in the right place.

Edouard De La Jonquière CEO at Pressking

After several years of research, I finally found the perfect solution to route all my customers' emails and easily get real-time statistics. Mailjet allowed us to go even further than we could imagine by offering a powerful tool to create and send newsletters with our e-commerce solution. During the development with the provided API, the Mailjet team was highly responsive. This excellent interaction allowed us to quickly and easily achieve our goals.

René Cotton CTO at WiziShop