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Guide: Email Marketing For The Travel And Tourism Industry

The Internet has forever transformed the way we travel. Most people spend hours scanning the Web to find the best deals, riffling through tourist guides and leaving a trail of valuable data about their interests, budget and patterns, changing the travel industry in the process. The harder life gets and the more their workload increases, […]

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Email Marketing for Ecommerce: A Best Practice Guide

As an online retailer, you are always looking for strategies and tools to replicate a personalized in-store experience on a digital platform. Why not read our Email Marketing for Ecommerce best practice guide to keep up to speed with the latest email trends? Email enables you to have a one-to-one dialog with each of your […]

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Email Marketing Automation: A Best Practice Guide

You’ve done your homework: you know everything there is to know about marketing emails and you’re taking the right steps to push your transactional emails to the next level. You think you’ve mastered the art of designing a killer email marketing strategy, but have you heard about Email Automation? Email Automation has many superpowers. It can make your life […]

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