What's the meaning of SPF (Sender Policy Framework)?

Haven’t we all received emails that seem to be from our bank, our credit card company or even from ourselves but they were fake emails? The way emails are structured, spammers can and often do falsify the ‘from email address’ to send these types of spoof / spam emails. This is where SPF comes into place!

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a validation system that allows ISPs and webmail servers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) to check if the incoming mail has been sent from an authorized server. Using the IP address of the sending server and the DNS records of your domain, ISPs can check if the sending server is authorized. If email is coming from an unauthorized sender, the emails will be marked as spam!

How do I make Mailjet an authorized sender?

To set Mailjet as an authorized sender, you will need to customize your SPF record. You can find step-by-step instructions at: SPF & DKIM Authentication Guide.

SPF & DKIM authentication cannot be done for free webmail accounts like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. You should consider only using email addresses that are linked to your website instead of free webmail addresses. Read more about why you should avoid free webmail as a sender address.

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