What is a normal open rate?

“Opened” rate is calculated by taking into account all the emails that are accepted and read by the recipient. Generally speaking, a good range of “Open” rate is between 15% and 25% for marketing emails, and between 30% to 40% for transactional emails.

Open rates are generally higher for "transactional emails" than “marketing emails”. People are expecting transactional emails, such as account confirmation, forgotten password, order receipts, etc.

However, please note that not all people open and read transactional emails. Sometimes seeing the subject of “Payment Confirmation” in their inbox is enough and they will not open the email.

Each sector’s open rates are different. Among the sectors recognized for having the best opening rates (> 20%) include: churches, agriculture, construction, government and creative industries. Sectors with a lower open rate (< 20%) include consulting, education, health, insurance and restoration. Weaker opening rates (<18%) were observed in e-commerce, recruitment, transportation and music.

Although we provided these references for you, it is important for you to learn the rates for your particular industry.

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