What do these statuses mean: Sent, Opened, Clicked, Blocked & Bounced ?

It is important to know the meaning of email statuses in order to interpret your statistics properly and to help you boost your deliverability!

Sent means the email is successfully out of the Mailjet system, and trying to reach the recipient address.

Opened means the email was browsed by the recipient and probably read. Please note that your open tracking must be activated and the recipient’s email client must accept HTML format, as tracking does not work on plain text messages.

Clicked means that recipient has clicked one or more links within the email. Link tracking must be activated and the email needs to be accepted in HTML format by the recipient’s email client.

Blocked means the email did not leave Mailjet servers due to a permanent error: an invalid or non-existent email address, an unsubscribe, the recipient reported you as spam, etc. You may also see messages that are pre-blocked, meaning our server had detected an already existing error with that email address.

Bounced means the email returned with an error and it could not be delivered: recipient’s inbox is full, recipient server is not available, email address does not exist, etc.

For more detailed information about all email statuses and how Mailjet deals with them, please read our Email Status Documentation. You may also wish to read the FAQ: How to maintain a list of responsive contacts.

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