What are SSL and TLS? Will it keep my communications absolutely secure?

SSL and TLS are encryption protocols that ensures a fully secured communication for all data exchanged. These systems are widely used to ensure fully secured communications over the internet.

The short form of "Secure Socket Layer" is SSL. It is an encryption or security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet. This encryption protocol allows Mailjet to securely communicate to prevent tampering, or falsification of data. It is a technology used by Mailjet to keep your information safe and secure during transactions. Mailjet's normal password protection keeps your information private, but SSL keeps it private and secure.

The acronym of "Transport Layer Security" is TLS. It is a protocol that guarantees privacy between communicating applications and their users over the internet. TLS ensures that no third-party may tamper or falsify any emails. It consists of two layers: the TLS Record Protocol and the TLS Handshake Protocol. The TLS Record Protocol provides security connection with some security method i.e. the Data Encryption Standard. It can also be used without encryption. The TLS Handshake Protocol allows the server and client to authenticate each other and to agree an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys before exchanging the data or emails.

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