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SMTP Relay

How can I configure my SMTP parameters?

Mailjet’s SMTP Relay lets you send emails directly from your favourite email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) or via a technology that supports SMTP (PHP, Java, Postfix, Exim, ...).

Which character encoding is preferred for Mailjet?

We support most charset encodings. However, using UTF-8 in your emails is recommended for better compatibility.

How do I change my SMTP settings in Outlook?

To route your emails through Mailjet using Outlook, you will need to change the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" for your email addresses. Then you will be able to send the campaigns you have designed with your own tools, from your usual emailing client.

How to set up Mailjet's SMTP with Gmail?

To use Mailjet with Gmail or Google Apps, please visit their online help . Please note, we strongly discourage the use of any addresses when sending your newsletters with Mailjet.

How can I use Mailjet's SMTP with scripts from ASP.NET?

Here are our guidelines so you can use our SMTP with ASP.NET Scripts.

Can I send to my Mailjet contact lists via SMTP?

Yes, you can send via SMTP relay for those contact lists that have been uploaded to the Mailjet platform.

Why am I getting a ‘Connection Timed Out’ error?

If you get a ‘Connection Timed out’ error when sending email via our SMTP relay, it means that you are using an smtp port that is blocked. By default, we recommend using port 25 when sending emails via our SMTP relay.

Why am I getting a ‘Relay Access Denied’ error when using SMTP relay?

Have you encountered the error 4.7.8: Error: authentication failed ? You should probably check your credentials.

How can I use Mailjet with Thunderbird?

To route your emails through Mailjet using Thunderbird, you will need to change the "Outgoing server (SMTP)" for your email addresses.

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