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Security questions

Is Mailjet reliable, secure and confidential? Is our data safe?

Mailjet is ISO 27001 certified, the international standard for best practices in terms of information security. We are committed to following strong security measures to protect your data and applicable laws that protect your privacy.

Where is my personal data stored?

Your data are stored in our secure data centers located exclusively in the European Union, with Google Cloud Platform in London (United Kingdom), Frankfurt (Germany) and St. Ghislain (Belgium) and also with OVH in Roubaix (France).

Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?

The full data is hosted on highly secured servers. Data is backed up daily and written to multiple disks instantly. We can perform a full backup recovery in case of unforeseen event and system-wide emergency.

Are our emails lost in case of issues with Mailjet's servers?

Mailjet considers reliability as a first priority and the basis for high deliverability. We ensure that all emails are sent via queuing in case our servers encounter issues. Our hardware is also fully redundant so even if one disk or server fails nothing will be lost.

What are SSL and TLS? Will it keep my communications absolutely secure?

SSL and TLS are encryption protocols that ensures a fully secured communication for all data exchanged. These systems are widely used to ensure fully secured communications over the internet.

How will Mailjet use my account data?

Your contact lists and personal data are confidential. Mailjet will never disclose it to third parties.

How does Mailjet protect my personal data?

We highly value our customers data privacy and protection. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy for more information on how we manage, process and store your data submitted in the context of providing our services.

Is Mailjet GDPR compliant?

We are proud to announce our complete implementation of all GDPR’s rigid requirements. See our press release for more information and also our compliance road map on the steps we took over the 2017 year.

Do you have a Data Protection Officer appointed for your organisation?

Yes. Our Data Protection Officer is: Darine Fayed, Head of Legal. She may be reached at:

How do you ensure that my data protection rights are protected?

We have in place processes to ensure that we respect your right to erasure, rectification, data portability, information and to be forgotten or restriction.

Do you maintain a data processing registry of all your activities?

Yes. We have a personal data registry that is maintained, pursuant to Article 30 of the GDPR. This lists out the type of personal data, where the personal data is stored, maintained and processed, any data flow, who the responsible party is, and the retention times.

Do you provide a Data Processing Agreement for your clients?

Yes, we sure do. Please send your request for a DPA to or go to our page here to download our standard DPA.

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