How to create & manage contact properties?

Before you can store details about your contacts (name, age, city, birthday, …), you need to define the ‘properties’ for each piece of information. In other words, if you want to store the contact’s name and age, you will need to define a ‘name’ property and an ‘age’ property. Once defined, you can then import your contact list that contains an email address, name and age for each recipient.

Let’s get started!

i) Add a Contact Property

From your Contacts page, click on ‘Contacts Properties’.

Manage Contact Properties

Click the ‘Add a new property’ button.

Manage Contact Properties

The screen will expand to show the ‘Add a new property’ section.

Manage Contact Properties

Each contact property is made up of 2 components: Name, and Data Type.


The contact property name is an internal label; only you can see it. The name should be descriptive and only contain letters; no numbers, symbols or spaces.

Data type:

There are 5 data types you can choose from:

• String: Alphanumeric data (name, address, salutation, …)
• Integer: Numbers with no decimals (age, days since last purchase, …)
• Decimal: Number with a decimal point (purchase history, …)
• Bool: True/false (yes/no) field
• Date: You can upload your date property in several formats (FAQ: Supported Date Formats). But the date will be displayed in a format based on your country setting (i.e. US will have the default yyyy/mm/dd)

Manage Contact Properties

Let’s create a new contact property:

Manage Contact Properties

That’s it - your first contact property has been created!

Manage Contact Properties

ii) Modify a Contact Property Name

To change the name of a contact property, click on the ‘pencil’ icon and then enter the new name.

Manage Contact Properties

Enter the new name and click the checkmark to save.

Manage Contact Properties

iii) Delete a Contact Property

! If you delete a contact property, any associated data for that property that is stored in your contact lists will also be removed.

Hover your mouse over Manage then click the trash icon. Then confirm the deletion.

Manage Contact Properties

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