How do I create my first newsletter?

You can easily create your first newsletter using our online newsletter builder Passport.

From the Campaigns page, click the ‘New Campaign’ button.

The 'Create a new campaign' page shows the different sections of your campaign that need to be completed including:

• Campaign Name: This is an internal name for your campaign that only you see
• Subject: The subject of your campaign as it appears in your recipient's inbox
• From: Enter the name your recipients will see in the 'from' field, and the sending address
• Contact List: Select your contact list

To start designing your campaign, click 'Design email'.

Create a newsletter

Select a campaign template from the gallery.

Create a newsletter

Design your campaign with Passport, our simple drag-and-drop email editor. (To learn about all the Passport features, please read our step-by-step Passport Guide.)

Create a newsletter

When you have completed designing, click 'Review & Send'.

Create a newsletter

If all the sections are complete (each section has a green checkmark), you can then schedule your campaign to be sent at a later time or send it immediately.

Create a newsletter

And that’s it - you have sent your first campaign!

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