How can I segment my contact lists ?

Create segments (filters) based on contact properties or contact activity (opens, clicks) and apply them to your campaigns to send relevant content to the subscribers who are most likely to read it.

From your Contacts page, click ‘Segmentation’.
Then click the ‘Create a segment’ button.

Email Segmentation

Enter a segment name and create your filters.

Email Segmentation

When you have completed your segment, click ‘Save’.

Now you can apply your segment to a campaign: Create your campaign and once you select your contact list, you will have the option to apply a segment.

Email Segmentation

You can also click ‘Calculate number of contacts’ to apply the segment to your selected contact list to see how many contacts will be matched.

Email Segmentation

Continue with your campaign design and send your campaign as usual!

For more detailed instructions, read our our step-by-step Segmentation Guide

Please note: Segmentation is only available on our Premium Plans.

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