How can I configure my SMTP parameters?

Mailjet’s SMTP Relay lets you send emails directly from your favourite email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) or via a technology that supports SMTP (PHP, Java, Postfix, Exim, ...).

To send email from your email client or program, you need to change your SMTP settings to point to Mailjet’s SMTP server.

To view your SMTP Credentials, click on the “SMTP and SEND API Settings" from your account page:

SMTP Relay

On the SMTP settings page, you will find your username and password (API Key & Secret Key), along with the Mailjet SMTP Server name, and ports:

SMTP Relay

How to change the SMTP settings on:

• Desktop email clients: Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird

• MTA & MDA: Postfix, exim, Exchange

• Frameworks and Languages (any technology that supports SMTP): Php, Java,, PHPMailer (GitHub, Pastebin), Zend, CodeIgniter

• Webmail: Gmail and Google Apps

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