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Email Deliverability Best Practices

What's the concept behind IP reputation?

Each IP address has a reputation score that changes over time.

What is deliverability?

Deliverability: getting your emails delivered to your recipient’s inbox, rather than in their spam folder.

Does the content of my campaign have an impact on the deliverability?

Yes it does! Many ISP spam filters will review your email content & subject line to determine if it is spam. Although there is no magic rule or formula that you can follow to ensure emails are delivered to the inbox, you can review these tips and recommendations.

How to get my emails delivered to the inbox instead of the spam folder?

There are several best practices and tips that you can follow to improve your reputation and deliverability. We created a free white paper that lists 34 factors that can impact your deliverability.

Can I purchase a B2B contact list? Is it legal?

Purchasing a B2B contact list, or directory, is legal and in some areas it may also be legal to send unsolicited email. However Mailjet does not allow the use of these lists and sending unsolicited emails is against our Anti-Spam Policy and our Terms of Use.

How does Mailjet improve the deliverability of the emails?

Mailjet constantly look for different ways to optimize and improve the deliverability of your emails. We manage your reputation as a sender and puts authentication tools at your disposal (SPF, DKIM, etc.). We optimize your sending frequencies (throttling) and your HTML code (thanks to the Newsletter Tool). On top of that, the feedback loops and the statistics allow you to optimize deliverability from one sending to the other.

I did not get my contacts from my website; they signed-up in my store or gave me their business card. What should I do?

Of course you can collect a customer’s email address from your store. However, you should send a confirmation campaign that directs your customers to sign-up/opt-in directly at your website. This confirmation step is important as it adheres to our permission-based email policy.

Why do I have a sending limit imposed on my account?

There are several reasons why a sending rate limit was applied to your account:

When will the sending limit be removed?

The process to remove the sending limit is based on the reason it was applied:

Why are my emails being spam “preblocked” by Mailjet?

One of Mailjet’s strengths is the ability to detect if an email would be marked as SPAM and has no chance of reaching the recipient’s inbox. In this case, your email will not be sent and it will have a status of preblocked.

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