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Contact List Management

How to upload my contacts to a list?

You can add contacts to a new or existing contact list by uploading a (CSV, TXT, RTF) file or by pasting the information into the form provided, or linking your list to a sign-up widget.

How can I maintain a list of responsive contacts?

In order to maintain or improve your list quality, you need to closely monitor your campaign metrics and take action on your contact lists.

How to create & manage contact properties?

Before you can store details about your contacts (name, age, city, birthday, …), you need to define the ‘properties’ for each piece of information. In other words, if you want to store the contact’s name and age, you will need to define a ‘name’ property and an ‘age’ property. Once defined, you can then import your contact list that contains an email address, name and age for each recipient.

How to build a CSV file?

Did you encounter any problems when importing your CSV file? Or perhaps you'd like some advice on the format to use? No problem, just follow these few recommendations ...

How to list all my contacts in all my lists?

You can view all distinct contacts in one global list on your Contacts page.

What are role accounts (or role addresses)?

Role accounts are email addresses are used by a team or group of people for a certain function (sales@, admin@, ….) and are not used for personal communication.

Why do I get “error logs” when I try to upload a contact list?

When you upload a contact list and see an ‘errors log’ message in the Actions log, it means something with your contact list is incorrect.

Which date formats are supported by Mailjet?

There are five date formats that are supported by Mailjet, and your default date property will be displayed in a format based on your country setting (i.e. US will have the default: mm/dd/yyyy).

How to show/prove my contact’s consent?

By sending a re-engagement campaign, any contact who wanted to continue receiving your marketing emails clicked on the “Yes, keep me in your list” button. This click information (proof of consent) can be found in your Campaign Stat’s Click Analytics section.

How to delete contacts from my lists?

There are several ways to remove your contacts from your lists and a feature to permanently delete them on our platform is coming soon.

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